September 24, 2012

Energy Frequency Rhymes

   Many of you recognize this crop circle picture, which lemme howdt uses as an avatar in many of his circles.  The expansion of knowledge radiates out in an inner sphere and an outer sphere of concentric circles, aligned to butterfly wings.  This is a symbol of our new world coming - it will be much the same as the old world, but with several exceptional differences.

  This second  picture demonstrates that nature is adapting along with the human mind - the photo is a plant called scotch broom - a weed well hated by the powers that be that govern agriculture - and a steady source of color on spring drives through the Pacific Northwest.  Thing is, scotch broom is yellow and this fine mutant is purple.  And yes, it is the same plant except for the color - which is due to epigenetics.

   The explanations of the two photographs are both stretches at the borders of our current knowledge.  However, paradigm change is becoming more apparent and the major melt down is not going to be major play, we get a whole world different.  We can attempt to fit what we see into these older, constipated explanations, but why can't we admit that crop circles are indeed convoys of information from other , better connected intelligence forms?
   In truth - nothing is real and there is nothing to get hung about.  Strawberry Fields forever!  It will be confusing, but you'll either get there, or you wont.  Doesn't matter, what is there, is there and i can be there instead of here; so with obummer and the mittster, i guess i'd rather be there. than here.  Both places are temporally the same place - the difference is mind-set.  Isn't it funny that the name 'Willard' is associated with a rat.  

   So - tune in next thyme for the continuing adventures of this 225-lb sack of water on a water attuned planet called Gaia - hi ho, hi, ho - and namaste'   doc

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