September 10, 2012

Escape from the Planet of the Apes

     If you are not willing to consider a change in your personal behavior, then you are not going to have much of a chance to continue beyond the urgency of immediate collapse.  The financial and political systems are both imploding and conforming to the masses is a good way of getting axed off the timeline.  This are changing at a preposterous rate - doc is now safe in his personal comfort zone and people are howdt of place in his current whirled.
     Dealing with fires is a different game than past history might dictate.  The fuel load on the ground is excessive - playing the old game of chasing the money that is not there has added inherent stress to the system by pushing everybody faster and harder to keep up with their current status in their current food chain.  The ideas are not in harmony with the weigh that nature is.
     Doc is a natural resources chemist.  The air is an oxidizing environment - which means that some chemistry is 'free' and other chemistry is 'expensive'.  The cost depends on the direction that the chemistry has to go - because every yin has to have a yang.  The yin and yang do not have to be balanced during the process !!!!! The yin and yang only have to be balanced at the end - because every action has to be accounted for.  Water is.
     Water is ... what does doc mean by water is.  Water is wet.  Water is sentient.  Water is the molecular scale component that is common to the life process.  Water is universal.  Water coming from air is called rain.  This is a drought year - for most of the world.  The game has been fixed for so long, that zero is now a sine wave.  The idea that we can operate against the facts and the laws of nature by creating our political rule of law to supercede natural law is absurd.
     The solution is to stop and think.  Use that 8 pound sack of Ormus water - your brain.  Get off the shit that is really bad for you - MSG, gluten, HFCS, pharma products, etc.  When you use something, use it in the proper form, such that you get the benefit of the material.  Hard pills stay compacted and allow your body to dump most of what you took in your release stream.  We need a better weigh - that is what doc is about.
     To change your thinking - get off the current calendar.  Doc switched to the 13:20 Tzolkin : today is magnetic red serpent in the arguelles kin form.  There is much happening : the need to interact within the system has blown doc howdt - the attempt to function this past week resulted in dysfunction, and a strong bit of bully from everybody who cannot change and see no other weigh than the everybody must conform model.  Sheepish.
     I also had to laugh at the contrast of my lovelies.  Doc is in love with the concept of woman and the intensity of his pheromones make women self-conscious and uncomfortable.  Young women are told to avoid the lecherous old dude, but in reality, it is the lecherous old dude that must avoid the lovelies, because the accusation is taken as base fact if the story comes from that mix.  
     Think about how many young women are deprived of expert one on one training because the perception of accusation bears extreme stigma.  Men have to buck up, but this is insane - the no burden of proof / say-as-you-will mass action of 'merikinz'.  Plus - the my way or highway attitude of the most carb consuming - doc got disgusted by the first stop and was in back-up mode the entire transit.
     Sorry if i offended, but really - we can one-up each other playing victim and that draws reward from the masses constituting the muddle in the middle.  I know some good - plain - people that belong in B/W pleasantville - but the game has to change yesterday, if the maelstrom is to be avoided.  I'm there - but really - are you with me?  Cuz it seems like you are caught in the place where i just was; i was lucky to escape this thyme with my thyme - dunno how much i wish to try that again.
     Namaste'     doc

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