September 20, 2012

It's about time - a book review

   When i pay too much attention to the way things are, i get caught up in the stress of attempting the impossible without having the tools to accomplish the task.  Thinking is dangerous, but effective for dealing with stress.  Turning off the sound and being in a world of though allows the decision making process to clarify in organization - there is a balance of order and chaos that allows flow to be diverse, rather than a sine wave.  The key to thinking differently is to stop thinking the same.
   I read an interesting article at counterpunch this morning that addresses some of the reasoning that i hold forth, that the current illusion is over.  The gist of the words is that we need a different approach - this guy's approach from 30 years ago, which just happens to be repeated as a liberal screed in a dying empire.  As i addressed his summary, i realized that what he suggests is the same course of action that i have taken - to develop a different focus of the point of view.
   To do this, I am going to borrow a concept from my friend Dovid Krafchow in his book 2012 and the Cabala.  The book dives into the Zohar; part of the knowledge base of the jewish faith.  'The Zohar-Book of Secret at the very beginning describes how the particles from the original engraving of hard light moved without color or wave, color was only introduced after the light was stopped, through which measurement was achieved. (p21)'
   Krafchow divides time into the past, present and future and then looks at the calendars through the lens of gematria - the interplay between numbers and letters.  As a devotee of Bob Marshall's Syndex theory, i can honor the sacred geometrical approach that weaves throughout the discussion of why the now has become the now.  He introduces God Time as a means of comparison of the Hebrew, Mayan and Roman calendars.  When i chose to switch from the Roman calendar to the Tzolkin, a 13:20 Mayan calendar - this was when Dovid contacted me to review the book.  He did not know that - but it confirms his theory of the symmetry of the universe.
   There is a good back story to this review also - i lost the first copy at the Peace Village festival.  I had thought that a book on a table was safe in a community that professes peace - the words and the deed were so misaligned, that i had a mini-stroke breakdown that left me speechless.  I had to learn to control my energy differently that day.  I also had to request a second copy be mailed and it came through within the week.  Thank you, good sir.
   My point is that different starts as a form of approach and is, well, different for each of us.   The current need to have group think be dominant has caused individual think to subside - we can no longer afford the value wasted by inaction.  'People spend a lot of time and energy trying to figure out who they are and how they can best interact with their environment, but the real question is where - where are you? (p118)'
   The book, 2012 and the Cabala is 'an ancient take on the modern world' providing a positive spin to our chaotic lives' that ends with a birth - Birth 2012 is due with a party on December 22, 2012 on a yellow cosmic stardate in Hebrew 5772.  This is a numbers book - count on a challenging read as you sort out the depths of time.  For information visit Dovid at . 
   Doc has a bit more depth for this topic, but not here right now.  Namaste'   doc

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