September 19, 2012


   In going through old files, there are many memories that stir my passions.  There are questions without answers and answers without questions - just waiting for the proper posit.

   One of the best dogs in the whole world came as a gift and departed when a dream was over.  This is Tootsie, in all her Boxer glory - the most patient soul that the planet has ever allowed me to encounter.  The answer to what became of this dog is the greatest unanswered mystery in my life, because she was part of my vision quest; when it ended, she was no longer home.

    Nature likes to play with the photographer - This moth came to visit - it is set on a stereo receiver on an 8.5 x 11 piece of paper - a large moth to say the least.  It pays to carry a camera.

    Especially while Mushroom hunting.  The fall timing is as soon as the rains come.  The chantrelles like to hide in the duff - sometimes you only see the faintest of yellow peeking howdt.  The russella's are less tasty and equally abundant - The pocket knife serves the role of portraying scale in the photos. Sorry bout the blinded by the light effect.

   The final photo in this mornings set is a lichen burl - which seems so centered that it has become one of my favorites - because nature only reveals secrets as this when people have the time to spend visiting, without the trials and tribulations of whirled crisis.  

Let it go, let it flow, get to nature, fall has come.

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