September 15, 2012

Seeking Knowledge

   Positive and negative are two sides of the same coin - there is no such thing as one without the contrast of the other one.  Some of the most precious things in life, come along with baggage that we would just as soon not have to carry.  The weight of the world is on Atlas' shoulders - the conflagration that we have today demonstrates that all coins have two sides.
   Time frame is the period where we expect for something to happen and get done - we use a schedule and a calendar as the tools of the trade.  Somebody might suggest that we set a deadline - a date that we wish to have our product produced to make the schedule happen in a way that makes people happy.  The fallacy is that people can be happy.  The stress oozes.
   There is no real good reason to cause stress by imposing artificial deadlines.  The term dead line implies an all or nothing situation - prepare to take the nothing.  A line in the sand is just a line.  Sacred geometry has more to do with numbers than lines between two points.  How linear.  How delightfully confusing semantically.
   Have you noticed that all the new revisions of things are a step backwards and downwards?  The device doesn't do what its predecessor did, it has more bells, more whistles and fewer functions.  Just like the merikn worker that uses the device, but doesn't know how to make it any longer?  There is so much that we know based on what we know, that pirouettes like a house of cards when the joker is removed.
   Density is a measure of thickness.  The density is the weight per volume - more dense implies heavier, but that is not how it works - more dense is just larger things closely packed and weight is wait ...  hold that thought - illusions are not what they seem - presented for our satisfaction that the way they tell us it is, is the weigh that it is, but it isn't because the illusion is just an illusion.  Time is rapidly racing toward a dead stop - for the purpose of reorganizing the is into the what has to be.
   Doc is dense - he thinks in his own world and the thoughts are not necessarily the thoughts that other people think doc should be thinking, because doc actually thinks.  There are too many things that point to thinking as an outlaw trait, that is deserving of the brunt end of the whack a mole game - doc has been there and done that.  Not interesting, not especially evoking fond memories.  Lights are flashing now - don't go there ...
   Weight is mass and mass is substance.  Mass comes in particles and waves - two sides of a coin.  Only the waves create the particles out of thin air and thoughts have mass and thus carry weight.  We communicate in many weighs, well beyond the endless chatter from the things we make to talk at us.  The cacophony burns into out system think so deep , that as a mentat doc can pull out the most obscure fact that the pop culture drilled into him as a child of the 60's and a teen of the 70's.  
   Yes - the brady bunch and the partridge family, as the world turns.  Get smart's shoe phone was today's cell and KAOS implies that chaos is evil - the other side of the order coin which hence must be evil too.  Oh - that's good.  Witches are evil, but Samantha is good and Tabitha is just a young pup witch - and Jeannie can change it in a blink of an eye, not a wiggle of the knows.  Confused yet.  That's what they want.  Who are they?  I am you and you are me and we are all together - see how they run like pigs from a gun - i am the walrus - or Paul is - Bang, bang Maxwell.
   James Clerk Maxwell once wrote about electricity and magnetism.  He predated Einstein and was a formative factor in the 19th century science that molded the modern mission before it wavered into war.  In the 1930's, Dirac and others simplified Maxwell's equations from 14 to 5 and hence left out a very key piece in the weigh the world works.  Or maybe in just how we understand the world to work, which has nothing to do with the natural law.  Wasn't it one of Clinton's lackeys in the Ag dept. who wanted to just have democratic legislatures pass new natural laws that his boss would like better than the current ones?  
   Where is this going?  Tell, you what - time to sell hand-baskets and create a different mental set from the current trajectory.  The need to whine is balanced by the need for wine and harvest season is rapidly approaching.  The water gig will come in October, after the hectic pace of the start of fall lands in academic boredom.  There is no wad to spend - creativity is the source of learning - imagination is more important than knowledge.  AE.  namaste'   doc

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