September 21, 2012

something Different

   In normal times, my strategy would be to live and let live.  These are not normal thymes and living matters only in an intuitive sense - such as keeping yourself alive through the murkiness, so that you can play the next game on the other side.  The current game is stacked and the swirling miasma is reminding me of the run of sand through the middle of the hour glass - it hardly seems to move when you first flip the timer, but by this time we can count the grains left - just about everybody left is whipping in the winds.
   Slow down, ya move too fast, you've got to make the morning last, just, kicking round the cobblestones, looking for fun and feelin groovy - on this International Day of Peace.  Let your love shine.  Then, tomorrow - step howdtside da baax and stay at Peace.  Step outside the box - forgive and forget - only to the point where caution is not left to the wind.
   There are some serious trust issues.  We all have hurts.  For some it is physical pain and for others mental anguish.  Our time is consumed by being there to do stuff that keeps things going in the same deluded way, but the rent is due on the 5th and the bills keep us running along - no time to stop to see that there's nothing to see.  Except there is a lot going on out there.
   Where is there?  Everywhere.  It just requires a step away from systems think.  Given the choice between the blue pill and the red pill, why not reject the pills altogether?  When given the choice of Monstrocity corn as High Fructose Corn Syrup as the cause of obesity or Mickey D's fast food boogers, why not reject corporate food and grow your own.  Now that is discrimination.  We are not allowed to malign the corporations that the Supreme Lords decided have human rights.
   Stop using their systems.  The thyme has come to help make plans - not that any of the plans have to be carries howdt - just have them ready.  Learn about the things that you really need and make certain that you retain access to them.  Join a cooperative education institute - - to provide access to the structures of learning in virtual space - life-long education is a continuum of you, adding value to you.  I can help learn new stuff, but to get there, we have to clear out a lot of the old stuff.
   I get to do that for doc and lemme.  There are creative methods of using the right brain and the left brain together as overlays rather than having them in a yin/yang - either /or capacity.  The right brain world of science ramrodded through a though scheme over top the left brain world of creativity - to the detriment of both causes.  The messages have been altered for profit, and the prophet has been attacked with the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune.
   Well - it was just talk like a pirate day matey - and we should be swabbing our decks with the britches of banksters and liaryers and lyin, two-faced janus spewing (er - that's enough adjectives lemme - it's a day of peace).  To stop the corruption, we must change ourselves to honor weighs that are not corrupt.  Do not cheat (but what about all the cheats for computer games, doc).  What does to cheat mean?  And what happens to cheaters?  If cheaters never profit, then why are the banksters winning?
   I am cleaning my own house.  It is the only place i know to start.  Doc's office is at ONRRI in NWETI.  Come join the cooperative and share knowledge.  Namaste'   doc  
   PS - this is a worldwide invite and if you need a translation, we can make that happen.  Spassibo.  

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