September 17, 2012


   Perpetual motion is assume in physics - under then belief that artificial control of the variables means making assumptions without checking the validity.  One of the motions is called spin and it allows two different electrons to share a single orbital.  The idea gets across well when you make the periodic table into a grand hotel and assign the patrons to sleeping quarters based upon their sex.  A spin up can only pair with a spin down - the rules are very clear.
   Only they aren't clear at all.  The game of chemistry is like a new york times crossword puzzle - difficult, to be sure, but entirely solvable within the given problem set.  That physics keeps changing is of no matter to the study of matter - we start with the assumptions that physics and math hold and move on from there.  We fail to go back and validate that assumption and so now, we have the particle in the box - where each of us represents our own particle.
   It would be cool, except for Schroedinger's cat.  When you open Pandora's box, then you know enough to know that you can never fit things back into the box.  There are two timelines and we are all actors in a stage play, created for the benefit of high theater and the universal Great Spirit.  The exception of nature to the confines of mathematics is totally real - the straight jacket of linearity requires a change in the sorting system of how information gets processed.  
   To get one self together and to approach change is the only way to survive the coming change of order to chaos to order - resonating a few times through wave reverberations.  She loves me, she loves me not is a key question for males in the world today.  I will not even begin to speculate: my internal feminine is retreating from perception - ego is a human trait, not a male or female trait.  We live with it, in metaphysics as well as physics - when ego remains grounded, then truth comes out to investigate.
   So - give a listen to the spin of Enlightened Medicine and let me know how fast your hour went bye.

Dr. Valerie Olmsted on The Enlightened Medicine Show interviews Dr. Lenny as her guest (06-Sep-2012) from Kevin Gee on Vimeo.

Recorded 06-Sep-2012.

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