September 26, 2012

Sports Mocks Life, Defines Change

   Gaia reinforces the concept of as above, so below every day in many ways, we need to open our eyes and ears and grasp the situation and play it for cues in how to act.  Sometimes the lessons are obvious, other times they are subtle and take the energy of thought.
   I had Seattle on Monday night, to beat the Pack.  If this was last year, Rodgers would have has five TD passes.  This year's version of Aaron is struggling - my 1-2 fantasy team would be 3-0 with just average games.  That is not my point, here.  
   The problems that the NFL is having with its officials mirrors the problems that this nation is having with our elected leadership.  The problem is one of competence and the current status is that anyone who has a competence is not allowed anywhere near the problem - they make money from the dysfunction.  The NFL is blatant - the referees all combined for all season likely do no make as much as Aaron Rodgers, so what are they saving?  Absolutely nothing!  War!  What is it good for?  Absolutely nothing!
   I like football and the outcome of the games generally do not matter.  Seattle may make the playoffs with this bone; they might have made the playoffs anyway.  The Pack, well, they have a tougher road to hoe, their division is packed;  they should not be affected by this loss as 10-6 vs 9-7 is where they will end up anyhow.  There are always upsets and squeakers.
   So why is there so much upset and wrath directed at Roger Goodell?  Because he makes a better fall guy than wrath directed at democrat obama in an election year (willard is equally hopeless) !  Because merikins can't draw the parallel between games and life - life is a game.  Right now, merikins are losing this particular game because the ground rules have changes and we have been a bit slow to adjust.
   We have defined the issue - now let's attempt to solve the problem.  First - restructuring to purge out the mechanisms that are no longer effective.  This would include school systems, medical delivery, access to true courts of natural law and an entirely different political system. (doc - you're California dreamin).  If the model of sports is used - then true performance measures could tell people how well they are doing compared to other persons working on similar tasks.
   A major problem is that while we like to compare - we have trouble comparing on a similar basis - our apples look like peaches, pears or oranges to the rest of the observers. Since the observer is always a part of the process, merikin 'expectation values' set in and muck up the process.  There is no money flow, so wishing for a high salary for work is not going to accomplish getting work.  Keeping the value set at what you got paid before for similar work, is a means of staying frustrated, as other workers elsewhere in the world are willing to do the same work for less.
   This isn't fair - however your elected official representatives passed GATT and NAFTA under Klinton and we are still suffering the consequences of equalization - once the supports were pulled from under the merikin economy, job migration followed an expected pattern, as defined by Ross Perot's giant sucking sound.  Work has become a circle jerk - you have to to keep going, but the benefit you once got just isn't there.
   The harder you work, the more refined the saddle.  If you have 'responsibility', your pay grade is too low - the highest paid people make their money off of their collection of money, like the mittster.  Some of them steal it by rigging the system - which is easy if you have the time to step back and watch the system waiver in the wind.  Of course, most of us are too busy working to watch.
   Doc's solution would be a general strike for a month, where nobody transfers any fiscal asset to anyone else and we agreed to disagree with open ears.  Let us open conversation with each other, first to assess where things are leading, then to brainstorm methods of change.  Realize, you can only change yourself.  You cannot change someone else.  They have to change themselves, by their desire to change.  You get to change only you.  I'm a changeling, see me change.
   Doc is a protocol wonk.  He likes to have a protocol to follow, but he doesn't like to follow rules.  In sports, the rules are administrated by the referees and when they are not enforced properly, well, you saw the farce of an ending to Monday night's game.  The protocols can be changed on the fly - the key is that any change of protocol is followed by an explanation of the reasoning for the change.  Gradually, the revisions of the protocols, due to the changes that individual people make when they know what they are doing, will set forth a basis that we all can live together, in a world of peace where sports is our violence - solely for entertainment value.

Namaste'   doc

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