September 01, 2012

Sposta Bee

     Life is never quite what is supposed to be, but is always what it is.  I jump from the past post, lemme's time haiku and reflect on the ministries of the past - what worked and what didn't work as i progress myself into an unknown future.  The future is known by the time being, but as a goddess, she quietly minds here own business and i watch in awe and learn.
     Today, roses reminded me of the past that has the current me in most timelines.  The War path is inhibited and inhabited by the powers that used to be.  The bent on scorched earth is just wrong, and the light will act on a different timeline to parry the thrust.  Both timelines operate simultaneously and the Wujo that we see is the inconsistent blending of this reality into a similar different reality.
     Let's take what we know - that nature creates natural law based on the Fibonacci sequence and a simple doubling function.  The mathematics races up the pace as we integrate and derivatize, but in reality, we are working with the same one at every scale.   Our basic counting screws us up royally, because 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 is different from 1, 1, 2, 3, 5 .
     Anything that we can imagine is part of the possible.  Cats have more emotional distribution than humans, but they also have the zen of being Cat.  The domestication of the kitty is really a reverse - the cats know more than we humans and grok many dialects - including English, but you wouldn't know it unless you have spent time alone with cats.  Zina is a five year old Siberian Tiger at the Great Cats World Park - who i got to meet as a cub.  I wonder if she will remember me - and how i will know.
     So now everything's gone rogue - we have to punk it through.  American Gothic takes on new meaning.  The farm is ripe for everybody - growing food is the only weigh to reduce dependence on the mega-grocery.  When Whole Foods sets up a police state to hide their GMO distribution, it is incumbent upon us to change - the corporate shell cannot change - it is not alive - no matter what the clowns in robes on the SCOTUS say.
      So do not be surprised when the mind expansion goes beyond what you dreamed.  Look back at the original Boston cover and see the resemblance of the times.  Time is not absolute - it runs backwards and forwards and does dips and flips in the middle.  Being aware of things means staying howdt of the muddle that has become the middle, where the TV tells you how to think.  You do not need that.  Prepare for a journey, wherever our visions will take us.
Namaste'   doc

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