September 22, 2012

the 5th weigh

   One of the interesting things about our culture is the pressure it places on keeping up with our culture.  Only morons follow where leaders fear to tread.  Seems to me that we all function within our own clouds and that interaction is mitigated by the games the networks play.  I do not like social networks at all, but i needed to have a learning curve that included how to work the system.
   Doc does this at times.  He went through getting a SEC license to sell securities, just to grok the process so that the phantom illusion of money could be understood for what it is - the biggest con game of all times.  If i were a bankster, i would be very scared about now - but, no - we get more tricks, more bailouts and more wars.  Doesn't cut it.  
   I placed the early morning blog on the Jefferson Agronomic blogsite - since i wished to keep the past posts cartoon at the top of the page.  I have too much to say - i don't wish to offend anybody - so i'll offend everybody.  No showers (or baths) until the government resigns en mass at all levels.  The anarchy would last about three days, and then people who didn't notice and just did would just be doing.  We can change it that quick, when the thyme is ripe - which is not yet.
   Now is the time to be here, now.  Whet the stone, align the stars, prepare the magick that will be necessary when the panic overwhelms the system - it doesn't have to be that way, you know.  There is another weigh.

Namaste'     doc

PS - Ouspensky developed the 4th way, so doc's fractal would become the 5th weigh

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