September 12, 2012

Too much - Know Weigh

     Sometimes things happen in a way that is unexpected and delightful.  The idea that small numbers govern life differently from large numbers is one of those subtleties that we fail to recognize until we are hit over the head with a blunt object, then forced to see.  The skew is deviant, the results are precious.
     Life changes and big numbers provide a steamroller to flatten all in the wake.  The monetary system that has always supported life as we know it is so far gone over the top, that to continue to use it for getting buy is not a possibility.  Hyper-inflation and a stacked deck have made it so that nobody anywhere on any scale has any disposable income to put forth to anything except keeping food on the table.  The volume of money flow is - money is not moving - it stays where it is.
     Did i mention the game is stacked.  The federal reserve is neither federal nor reserve - they are thieves that have colluded with their brethren to drive the machine into the ground.  Do not despair - the machine is totally unnecessary.  Freedom is coming, but it has a caveat - we have to work to get there.  Tighten your belt, because work is nothing like the nine to five that we are used to.
     Look at the current scenario - not worth any stress.  You are broke, i am broke, they are broke, we are broke.  You can add an en to each broke and it describes physics instead of economy.  Things are broken: the problem is lies.  We cannot tell the lies from the truth.  Everything is a lie and it is also true - because truth is relative and lying is common.
     So - how do we mark the truth.  Dogs use a stream of urine.  If it smells like me, then i can trust it.  Somehow, i don't think we want to run around peeing on each other.  Instead, we each need to ground - to connect directly to great spirit and sense the change as it flows.  We are spiraling beyond time - which is sped up so fast that we blink and miss something.  Soon the flow will be a crawl.  There will be time within time to do things, because distance and time are both related by means of scale.
     Now we have two related concepts - weigh and scale.  The scale determines the weigh - the units are things like pounds and tons, ounces and grams.  When we resolve to measure things accurately, we can see subtlety in the monitoring process.  Everything is accounted for, nothing needs to be counted.  That is good, because people do not know how to count any longer*.  A calculator is really not needed to make change - just a good weigh scale and a little bit of intention.
      So if you want to say no way to the powers that usta be - then use know weigh and measure your weights and volumes accurately.  This ratio gives you density and believe me, the BS is thick.  Let's co-create a learning pathway that cuts through the noise and gets directly at the signal. 
     * - nature counts 0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21 - humans count 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 - see the difference?

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