September 13, 2012

Water in Dragon Space

  Things work because they are congruent with the forces of nature.  The water is conscious - the water is love.  Water is alive and ions spray from running water - flow is energy.  To drift off in the algae covered rock while dreaming of cool, wet water is delightful.
   The Many Faucets of Water is an experiment in reaching out to an interactive audience.  Doc will teach about what he knows - the natural resource use and abuse of water.  The class will run at the Northwest Education and Training Institute beginning in early October and will have eight weekly sessions over two months, ending just before X-mas.  The technology should allow several forms of interaction - this is a learning experience to see how the system runs.
   Doc's doc - Dr. Richard Alan Miller will also be running a course at Nweti.  His will be on using mind power to envision a healthy future.  Dr. Rick and Dr. Lenny will be appearing in Reno, Nev from October 11th to the 14th - along with Mat Stein.  The topics will include preparing for any future and creating the one that you desire.  There is a poster - about six posts below.
   Life is going to get difficult real fast; not so hard that there is anything to worry about.  The illusion is creating a stress that can suck your soul like a vampire, if you allow it to get too close.  I have an altar of cherished stuff - guarded by - her.
   My allegiance as a sovereign individual is to Gaia herself - to ensure that her waters are the focus of a wide ranging clean-up effort, beginning in the Gulf of Mexico and extending to all the water in the world, including Fukushima - and the radio-water.  Water remembers - when it was in the form of the elephant, it learned not to forget.  So much of life is a passive ocean voyage - but biological water is vastly different from bulk water.  The entire course - eight weeks runs $50 bucks and if you like the system, you can teach your own course on (almost) anything at all.
   I am the grand an illustrious wizard of Oz no, er wizard of Id - no, wait the wizard of oh - befuddlement.  I am not a wizard, i am just doc - and i like to play in the dirt. Oh - guess who came to be pictured - The Altar Guard.  
   Anyhowzer - come play with me at ONRRI and see what an ornery scientist knows about water.  If you're nice, the cats might allow you to pet their dragon.

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