October 18, 2012

A hero in feline form

   Please correct me if i am wrong, but did they rain out the game in Detroit last night in order to give the Yankees a specific advantage?  Seems to me that it did not rain in Detroit last night.  There was a pressure change and a threat of rain, but the Yankees only have one major league starter on their staff and he is needed here in game four and also in game seven if necessary.  There is rarely recovery from down 3-0 in a baseball series - but really Bud - at least let's not make the game look rigged.
   This is a sore point, because right now, everything is rigged by micromanipulation.  Walk around and observe how many convoluted ways we do things because we either have to or can not do things in a certain weigh.  The rules change every season and the consistent lesson is that more rules get added, few rules ever get removed.  Habit develops that if the same thing works for us, we do it the same weigh.  Time has come to change this movie.
   We have true will - a human bean can choose to do what a human being will do.  If we make bad choices, we either suffer the consequences or get a grubbermint bailout.  Depends on the connections.  What if we use our abilities to cut through the cognitive dissonance of the media to think about how we do things and start doing them differently.  Break habits just by looking at the action and reviewing why we take that action.  It is difficult - so nobody even tries to change.  We have a whack-a-mole society - act different and the hammer comes down.
   To change, you just have to buck up and change.  You do not have to listen to Doc - if you do not want to change, then don't bother.  Not required.  You get to choose, unless you pass the choice along to your superior.  If you are sovereign - no superior.  Actually - unless you are a minor in the care of parents or an elder in care of children, the concept of superiority is totally relative; we are all different, not better or worse.
   But are we really different?  I don't think so.  There seems to be a live mind guiding the passage of time as we know it - one that subsumes our free will, because we are just players in her game.  I say her because i take the entity of control to be Gaia, a living water resident that is the planet we call earth.  We must stop fouling our nest; no other animal on earth does that and we should know better.  Instead, we spend our time battling trivia and nuance and getting nowhere with either task.
   Take a step back and breathe.  Focus on your breath - anytime that you lose control of self - remember to breathe. Doc is currently tying up his Reno report and sifting through the photos to document the results.  He is working on three different distinct levels of the Fibonacci accordion and is very insistent that the product appears as above, so below within each of these levels.   This is a test of the doc broadcasting system - it is only a test - if there was a real emergency, doc would be kissing his ass goodbye, because we are woefully unprepared to deal with anything that is not in the realm of what we deal with.
   See this puddy tat.  This puddy tat is my hero - i watched this cat herd 75 different people for two days at the Reno convention where the cat was the owner of an organic agriculture River School and kept the people in line, where they belonged.  The Zen of ambiance that this cat demonstrated left doc knowing without a doubt that we already deal with aliens and superior beings who are humble and connected to the light.  The cat knew - the people need coaching to be prepared.  She also had time to say hello and be a cat with me, as my two cats at home wondered why i was not there to feed them at 5 am.
   We really have no basis set of common belief any longer.  Some of us are swept up in the linear thinking have to do's, and if none of us were there, nothing would get done.  But we all don't have to do everything.  If you cook well and i can clean - you can leave the cleaning to me and i will leave the cooking to you.  We can use our complementary roles to cook and clean together, where you take the lead cooking and i take the lead cleaning.  Never ask somebody to do anything that you wouldn't personally do yourself.  Lead by example.
   See - life can be simple and easy - but why the frantic pace?  So many people allot time for a task and get infinitely impatient when the task takes longer than allotted.  This is compounded by lying - or in nicer terms, not being real.  We get to making promises that we cannot keep, because the time frame was never realistic in the first place.  
   If you want to know something - measure it.  Looking it up is lazy and gets it wrong anyway - things are not what other people say they are.  First hand knowledge always trumps second hand opinion, no matter how bright (or dim) the person doing the explaining is.  Puddy Tat never said a word - she was ever present wherever she was necessary and could seemingly clone herself at will, to be in three places at once.  There is a lot more there, here, and i am curious.
   And also busy -  til tomorrow ... Namaste'        doc

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