October 05, 2012

Beisbol : Giants over Tigers in six

     It just wouldn't be right if i didn't make baseball post-season picks.  I like rooting for the underdog, so i'll take the Yankees - (oof - no - just wanted a stir).  I will take the Cardinals and the Orioles in tonight's play-in games - the Rangers melt-down does not deserve to move past today.  That said - watch them win it all.
     In the rooting sphere, I'll take the A's; my prediction is to see the Tigers and the Giants come out of the relatively balanced field this year.  Every team has a weakness - the starting pitching depth is going to be this year's key feature.  Verlander is the best thrower out there, but the Giants keep going and throwing - Matt Cain, is awesome and i see the resurrection of Barry Zito from the worst-contract-ever pile.  Linsecum and Vogelsong both are gimme-da-ball guys - all they need is marginal hitting - which is another thing the Giants are really good at - marginal hitting.
     Just for fun - i will pick a fantasy playoff line-up before the games start today and see how i can do in total playoff stats.  Single standard line-up, no bench - three starters and four relievers, but only two 'closers'.  It would be cool to draft a four team league, but playoff fantasy baseball cannot compete with fantasy football for attention - yahoo doesn't even try.  Their loss.  

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