October 24, 2012

Bye Week : not NFL style

sittin in the railway station, got a ticket for my destination ... and all of life comes back to me in shades of mediocrity - Simon and Garfunkle still ring my chimes.  At the last minute - the curveballs begin to fly - the engine rattles and rolls and the adventure begins.  Tik, stop, tik, stop all the way to where home once was, clearing the legacies of embedded interest in knowing the past to envision the future.

once i log out, i watch the part of the show where Mr. Phelps gets his download and has ten seconds to grok it all before the tape self-destructs.  I have items left - my go bag is stripped out and needs to be reassemble - a washer in the future will take the clothing back into useful form and the things i walk away from here will have one more visit before the final destination is achieved.

the no phone part seems to be something that peeps cannot grok.  The idea of time and schedules and urgency are now left to the flow path of dependency where when i get there is when i get there.  I have three books on the mind - the Existence website is now howdt of existence - the liars finally took it down - they really were using my content for free and when they decided to charge me for the service of me providing them content, i stopped all site maintenance.  If you didn't get it then, you will just have to wait for the book.  I also plan to do a water book and then the grand illusion - a full undertaking of explaining how numbers work through the eyes of nature.

the energy fields here have been buffeting me about mercilessly since last Thursday - my internal sensitivity to the flow of 60 Hz is wreaking havoc with my internal peace - especially the space heater.  I also have four active computers - though one gets retired and this one gets returned, still too much radiant noise.  I take my responsibility seriously and where ever the flow delivers me is where i am needed.  Light and dark play chess all the time - sometime the game rules are flavored differently.

my head says type, my heart says go.  Listen to your heart.  Namaste'     doc

PS.  Giants in six.

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