October 31, 2012

Can Sanity Prevail ?

Life works because life works
Situations occur, so we react
Allowing emotion to cloud perspective
As we misinterpret sight and sound

Nature is all flowing, all loving
Open armed, open-ended light
Smooth operations sequentially paced
Allows me to lighten the load, for you

Weigh shifts as wait shifts minds
Glow from the heart cannot be concealed
Underwritten expletive of urgency
Running a race for the sake of running

Faster the rabbit, faster the chase
Hustling and bustling with furious rush
Say, isn't that a wall there, in front of
BAM - k'thunk, ... , ouch

Dead stop - nothing moving
Head pounding, lungs bursting
Buried in the sand forever hangover
A drink, a love, a history; the trigger

Here comes the rain again
Washing along like a long lost friend
Cleansing the air and the soul
Pushing the new upon the filth of the old

In stunned silence, our eyes meet
After the long period of internal extrusion
The ringer that stretches effect on a rack
Releases, which pulls us back to here and now

Was that excursion worth the price?
Did we chase away ghosts that haunt our hollows?
Can we take off the masks, tonight
Are we set to finally be just who we are? 

The whys are crossed, the tees are dotted
The memory of that train ran away forever
The mirror lies broken, just you and me here
Fixin a home where the rain gets in

The heroes journey requires moving on
Are we au pair or on our own?
Underscored stability to lean emotionally
Without loss of integrity to self

What we believe limits our being to mind
Heart requires unconditional love to break free
Scary as all hell to return to the rabbit hole again
Knowing the depth of the climb back out

The heroes' journey is never alone
Until we chase our friends away
Then we cry where have they gone
Each one fighting our own windmills alone

My arms may not be the ones you envisioned
My path runs simultaneous with your road
We can share the hoe, garden with love
As we are here, together, today in our now

Or we can be the lone ranger, eh, tonto
Rushing so fast that flow doesn't move
Til a super storm draw lines with the Sand
No turning back to an old way that's gone

Hold me now - the tether is extruded
Last thyme howdt this far - she never really was
What a fool believes is sometimes true
No matter how high the hill appears

Love is the reel on the motion picture of life
Senses cut through the fog and feels the stability
The rock amidst the shifting shoreline
Knowledge that tomorrow awaits the end of today

It took a while to think to say that i love you
Within spiritual context requires physical time
Spirals resonate in all directions
Like Russian dolls, we fold into each other again

Calm is now the set of my soul 
Proximity is the balance of choice 
The events at breakneck speed ignore
BAM - k'thunk, ... , ouch

Having been there once, and trekking back
Slogging through the mud to reach the pinnacle
From the inverse side of events that will happen
Within different convergent current realities

Cassandra sees with a clarity of voice
This love is agave, sweetening my beverage
The call is strong - i can hear the message
Listening to this story line breaks the pattern

To be multiple places at once
Is a magic trick - an illusion of thought
Obligation separates hearts from minds
Playing safe never thrilled the viewership

Are we playing to the crowd or to the soul?
Is the play within the play real?
If i blink my eyes will it all go away, again?
Eyes peeled open afraid that it just might ...

Hold me now, warm my heart
Give me an embrace that takes me back to now
The swirling miasma of golden spiral illusion
Passed Hunter's dilemma - The Weird Turn Pro

Thus it takes a day or two to unwind
To clear the mind, the breath, the air
Then rolling the van up the road in replay
Allow life to transpire, as it will, with you and me 

2012  lemme howdt  :  
creative commons - free use with attribution

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