October 19, 2012

Collective Individualism

   The level of expectation for insanity has risen.  Expect insanity to take over - keep yourself focused on anything but what others perceive the world to be.  You are not allowed to be an individual sovereign - you must toe the line and everything of yours is ours except that you have to be a rugged individualist and anti-collectivism.  While accepting your welfare check.
   The nonsense coming out of the box is just that - nonsense.  The idea of being prepared has several different levels and if you take too many steps now, somebody from officialdom will show up and level the playing field back at you.  (Chutes and Ladders)  People i know and love are held captive by this notion that Obama and Mitt are different people and that the vote matters - where did the $350 million dollars that these two clowns raised last month actually get spent? 
   I watched some of the 'howdt of the weigh' events here in the State of Jefferson.  The Jackson County republican party had to close their office in Medford a few weeks ago because they made some poor decisions and ran out of money.  One would think that keeping the doors open, a couple thousand dollar expense, would happen when the candidate raises $180 million in a month, but apparently, this is not the case.  The funny thing is, these folks believe they will win the county elections, because even though Oregon is a 'blue' state, that apparently only includes the corridor from Eugene to Portland and the island of Ashlandia.
   Southern Oregon is so howdt of touch with reality that doc really loves being there.  Nature trumps nurture and the rural areas have people that actually spend their time thinking about things. The pace of life is set to get things done on a farm - school starts later in September because the hands are needed for harvest (or were!)
   Back headed into the 80's, the rural southern Oregon counties held the highest per capita income people in the US of A.  The timber industry was milling trees and the secondary industries based on wood products - the natural resource available was humming along.  Environmentalists needed their tree to hug and a concerted effort was made to protect trees by shutting down the timber industry.  They did this by encouraging profits to the big companies while restricting access to the people that live here.  
   The federal lands were taken off the cut list and the wrangling became a game of corporate interests continually compromising to cut more public lands at a net taxpayer loss, while sequestering their own lands and keeping the private trees growing as a resource.  Land swaps made this work as the people here were systematically looted of their ability to determine self-direction.  
   It seems to me that there is no constitutional provision for federal land ownership, beyond post offices and fortresses.  Since the constitution restricts government and clearly delegates responsibility, the choice of officialdom ignoring it renders the document moot.  Thus being sovereign becomes a simple declaration.  The idea that we must file reams of paperwork with a court system that we don't believe in in order to get free is just another fiction that people want to believe, but just isn't true.  You do not have to follow any law - you do have to bear responsibility for the choices you make and if you don't follow the law, the law followers will arrest you, detain you and keep you from acting.
   The question i have here is - so?  Given that fascist forces (clovers?) want to tell you what you have to do, my response is okay.  I agree and let them think i will do exactly what they want me to do; because i am agreeable, they take me at my word.  I lie.  I tell them what they want to hear to not harass me and i do exactly what i need to do.  I tell them, yes, i will get a drivers license so that i can legitimately have a PO Box that allows me to receive their offishul notices that i must follow - except that i have no intention of ever registering for any of their services because i am sovereign.  
   I only use the postal service because i am forced to - mailing letters with a stamp that says freedom when my stamp says sovereign is another forced merge of opposing concepts - no reason to post a physical letter when the internet has instant e-mail.  This is another albatross - you are tethered to others by your need to instantly respond to their e-mail requests.  Or by answering your phone when it rings.  I find it rude and offensive when people break away from business with me there to take anything other than an emergency phone call.  The person calling in should not have priority over the person in front of you - ignore the damn ringer.  
   The internet is now a battlefield as microsh^t and goggle have browsers out that disable the function of their competition.  They steal each others paths and disable function through automatic updates that hijack computers and add cookies - i want milk with my cookies.  The latest gig is that chrome sells add space that overlays the text of the site that i am using - just writes on top of the scripts.  It also hot keys words to jump to ads - enough that i may have to go back to pad and pen when i write, because i do not handle interruption well and a pop-up on my screen gets cursed when three sentences of typing didn't take because a different window absconded with my focus.
   I can feel the different energy of anger - i will control my breath and allow my frequency to move to ground.  The change of being where i need to be is different from the idea that i can be where i want to be.  I have true will to do what i want;  free will is co-opted by the current alignment of the spheres.  I am but a player in a game, playing within a game, playing within a game - history is cyclical and already knows.  Thyme is of the essence, so I'll light some incense.

   Namaste'    doc

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