October 31, 2012

Come Aboard the metaphorical Peace Train

first posted on the shiftmovement.com network blog
     Sometimes, the images slur as Cat and cat are confused with Josef's and kittens.  My light has been tapped to carry through some thoughts and i will do the best that i can to walk the walk of the talk i talk.  When Don posted John Lennon singing Stand By Me - it just reflected the importance of each of us, taking ourselves at face value and practicing what we preach.
     As i tap keys, the storm has settled and the Sandy has been more of a blessing than a curse; a wake-up call that does much physical damage, yet sweeps the earth clean for a fresh start with a new outlook.  I am far from the setting, my heart goes to the many inconvenienced; still alive to experience another day.  This is the shape of things to come.
     To each of you, i love you.  The art of unconditional love is that: it doesn't matter, i still love you as i love myself.  In fact, if we are all one, our love for each other is love for ourselves.  The golden mean sequence has two ones, which i interpret as self and whole group.  Consensus develops when we listen to all the individual voices and hear what they say rather than shouting them down because we don't like the message.
     We live in abundance, and have a wealth of kind-hearted healers that empathize with our emotional state and emit radiant love to allow us to collect our common joy.  I get the sense that the here and now is present at all times, wherever we find ourselves.  Focusing on breathing can hold our status while time changes fractal and washes the chalkboard clean.  Keep your fingernails trim.
     Peace on earth, good will toward man is an old message - one that is hardly heard along the cacophony of modern day life - we cannot stay calm long enough to think with our hearts and confirm with our heads.  We frustrate easily and reject solutions because we lack the vision of how to get there from here.  Guess what?  You don't have to start from here to get to there, you will be there exactly when you get there and no sooner nor any later.  It all works, if you allow the flow rather than forcing it.
     I wish the Shift luck in their attempt to birth something more than the sum of their luminaries.  I adhere to physics principles and in a closed system, the second law of thermodynamics holds. There is great light, but dark has enough imagination to fill in where the light fails to be.  Yet strike a match - and the illumination scatters the darkness instantly.  The wealth is here, in the hearts and minds of us brave souls that know better than to accept the pablum currently fed by Monsantrous forces that change our rhythmic patterns from music to noise.
     So stand, stand by me as we change to look, the feel, the context of all we know and come out the back end with an equitable distribution of abundant resource.  Where you lead, i shall follow you anywhere, that you tell me to ... Carole King rocks.  Joni Mitchell rocks.  St. Germaine rocks.  Rock rocks and Edel O'Mahony rocks.  Lemme rocks.  Don S and Melody rock.  You rock.  Sharpen your saw and whet yer whistle, it is almost time for these rocks to roll. 
     This Peace Train leaves the station on December 22nd - with Birth 2012 sharing the launch date of the cosmic yellow star on the Tzolkin calendar - as Buzz might say - to infinity and beyond.  Glad to share the travel.  Namaste'    doc

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