October 17, 2012


     When doc was starting high school in the 70's, he had to make a decision of how to spend time - debate club or chess club.  The debate club was the future liars (lawyers) of america club, while chess is what chess has been over many centuries - a game of the grid of 64.   It was a critical decision that let me to the path of science - analysis in chess is a solo effort in envisioning future possibility.
     My chess improved as i started at 2nd board as a sophomore and was 5th board as a senior - the level of competition was much better when i left, because we played so often that we taught each other good chess.  Every day after school we were in the Mann's basement with four to six players, playing tandem - a game where if you take a piece as black, you hand it to your partner, who puts it on his board in place of a turn.  Get me a pawn was usually phrase associated with a win, because i could sacrifice anything other than my king for that pawn and know that a flood of pieces were on their way to me.
     The debate last night was a true embarrassment to the term.  Obama knows what debate is and is a professional lawyer.  Mitt is mitt - oh god.  We do not have a country, we have an idiocy.  Can we change the basic assumption that we have to carry forth this current economic system until it finally does collapse before we can even approach a fix by creating a new different system?  If you vote - you are complicit in crime.  I give up - lemme howdt is Sovereign.  doc is as sovereign as one can be, but the 'paperwork' that people associate with being sovereign is a nonsense fiction that begets the fact that the US grubbermint works by force.
     All capitalism in this form works by force.  The game is as skewed as tandem chess.  The war in Iran is like dropping a suddenly captured queen right next to your opponent's king.  The false flag that embeds Obama in the white house for four more years could be anything - but will be a war.  Hear the war drums beat.  Corporations use the broken window fallacy to justify making things broken.  We have embedded broken.  We can do this a lot differently and a lot better.
     I had a very busy time in Reno this past weekend, on being a prepper in the linear sense and being prepared in a meta-physical sense.  I control me - but i do not have free will.  You do not have free will.  The spheres in the sky are part of a whole that includes the spheres in our bodies that we call atoms - as above, so below.  I have work to do to be able to download my brain - then when i come up for air, i have a week of my own work that has to be done.  The system does not allow me to catch up, i have to jump ahead to now and work backwards, dealing with now and going back to cover things that i could not pay attention to while working in a different capacity.
     I am one person - schizophrenic as they come - with no non-natural medication in my diet.  Doc is a whole person - then i slip into lemme mode and lemme is a whole person too, he thinks right brain to complement doc's left brain.  Doc is not linear, but his education is straight linear and every request that was asked was satisfied, no matter how easy/hard that task could be.
     The only weigh that you can know something is to measure it.  This system is antagonistic to measurement, except in sports.  Chess is a sport - i earned a varsity letter in high school in chess in the 1970's.  Perhaps we can look at the current time through the eyes of a chess player and calculate several moves down the road where we need to be and begin now taking steps to get there.  When doc says perhaps we, he means doc should - because doc is the only person i know that thinks like doc.  People do not give doc slack for having his own persona and weighs of doing things - imposing methods on the fly is not something that is easy for doc to grok.  The key words are on the fly.
     The game that doc is playing is a different game than chess on a grid of 64.  It is like tandem, but no partner involved.  You cannot see your opponent's set-up - the pawns are all in place on 2nd and 7th but the back rank begins scrambled.  The king is between the two rooks.  As the pieces move, you can see your own lines of sight.  When you take a piece, you can play it back on the board in place of a standard turn.  The game plays at Scheming Mind - there are many other variations of chess there.
     Doc is on day 42 of 64 in a new game system that is set to develop community.  The key event - the Reno trip - has provided a contrast to the style and movement of the norm - doc used quantum mechanics to move from one side of a polar opposite to the other side without being in the muddle in the middle.  He met some awesome people and once again reunited with the ubiquitous john.  Thank you, john, we will talk.  The john lineage in doc's past is the overwhelming positive metric that says - keep on truckin or hup ho, yeah.
     If you know that we can do it differently, to get to the other there out there - well, just stay turned to this channel - i can't say same bat thyme, same bat channel, but yawl know what i mean.

namaste'    doc

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