October 06, 2012

Dialog One

Dialog One:

To begin, let’s start to count.

Zero.   One.   One.  Two.

Wait – what’s with the counting of one and one before you get to two?

That’s the way it is.

When I learned to count, it was one, two, three, four.  We didn’t even start at zero.

Why was that?

Because that is how I was taught?

Well, we are going to have to forget that.

Forget what?

How you were taught.

But I know how to count.

No, you don’t.  Counting starts zero, one, one, two, three, five …

Wait, what about four?

What about four?

You skipped counting four.

No, four is just two squared – it doesn’t count.

How are we counting if one comes twice and you skipped four?

Because I am counting by nature’s number code – the Fibonacci sequence.

I am lost.

In more ways than one …

Numbers follow a sequence where you can add them together and generate the next number in the sequence.  This generates a pattern, a spiral, a sequence that curls your toes and roughs off the fine edges. 

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