October 08, 2012


     We are moving so rapidly that our sense of motion is frozen in time and space.  The images of what we know have to be questioned based on evidence that a mirage has been presented by a media that has a distinctly different agenda.  If you are confident in what you know, then you have a sense of when the information presented is either right or wrong.
     The spiral of life follows the fibonacci sequence - the order flows in both direction, in and out, back and forth, left and right, up and down, strange and charmed.  The chaos is the yin to order's yang - about the only thing that we know is that a new world order will bring is the resonant new world chaos that mirrors it.  This is okay, because that is the way things work.
     We now are achieving new patterns - the old patterns that we relied on are from mechanisms that have extended themselves beyond their range.  In mathematics, limits are applied to prevent infinities - in real life, no such concept exists.  We can watch the hyperbolic curve approach the y-axis - the path never reaches zero - it heads to infinity and then, a quantum jump.  The order flows in both direction, in and out, back and forth, left and right, up and down, strange and charmed.
     Notice, i repeat myself.  Nature repeats itself frequently.  Look at cell division.  We get two from one, with all the same components, unchanged and in the same atomic form, shifted in space by molecular form.  They awarded the Nobel prize in medicine this morning to the understanding how cells differentiate.  Interesting - that the role of water at that level is immersed in everything - the water carries the information based on the genetic code, with the epigenetic novelty applied at the water level!!!
     I think they should award Dr. Lenny Thyme a nobel prize - his chemistry theory of water sentience is not yet spelled out in a form that scientists today would accept.  The burden of proof requires acceptance and integration into the current system, which has failed - it prevents any new science from getting into the public consciousness.  One of the roles of I see is re-education based on a real basis - plants do all of their thinking without any ability to act outside the individual realm.  If life is non-local, then the water of similar plants exchanges information based on their location within the ecosystem.
     This means proximity is the key.  If you locate near a hub, you are in the downstream flow of information and you receive a cognitive dissonance that requires a highly refined filter.  If you are rural and outside the urban domain, then the information you receive is sparse and well filtered before you get it.  This theory can be applied at many levels - as above, so below.  Clean information is critical.  Spacial arrangement needs to be symmetric; information is conveyed by dis-symmetry. 
     So perhaps it is the Nobel prize for literature that is awarded to the blogger lemme howdt - a poet who sees through different eyes - science eyes - and conveys images in grokkable language.  Of course, you have to understand the sacred geometry of nature to catch the consistency of theme.  Glad to have you as a reader.

Namaste'       doc

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