October 16, 2012

Eight Observations on People

     Good morning and welcome back to Thyme Howdt.  Breath.  Inhale, exhale.  Doc was in Reno this weekend for a preparedness conference.  The community of 75 people that developed over the four days allowed a 10-fold increase in the interpersonal interaction level that doc usually deals with.  Doc worked the merchandise table - so he got to talk to everybody. Here are some preliminary observations.
     First - people are at a frantic pace, but there seems to be nothing to rush to.  We get impatient if the task takes more time than the minimum allotted time to get done, and have no sense of how long it might take beyond just doing the mechanics.  For instance, the vehicles on the road were driving too fast for conditions, which included very narrow roads in poor condition with no shoulder.  Saw an upside down tractor trailer outside of Truckee on Friday - ouch.
     Second - people lie to you when they don't have to, for no apparent reason.  I don't know if it's a form of gamesmanship, but when i can see an hour task and the person says they have 20 minutes, I tend to not try to do the task.  To start and then freak because it doesn't work in the time frame just doesn't make sense.  Wait until the whole job can be done at once, and it reduces the stress level.  My impression was that the stress level was not a focus for most people, they allowed themselves to stress, maybe even caused it.
     Third - people reflect each others emotions and if one person gets worked up, that person antagonizes a group of people and gets them worked up too.  People can be measured as speed of their pace of talk and the volume;  when you pace to their conversation, they keep getting louder and faster, especially when they disagree.  Take a deep breath and slow it down - there is no grand rush to judgment here - every day will finish on time and the next day will start tomorrow.  If you raise your voice and i do the same with my voice, don't get mad at me for yelling at you.
     Fourth - the idea of need to know has become very warped.  There is too much information out there for everybody to know everything: when people sequester certain points of information, then release it later after the fact, i always wonder, how we can really get things right.  There is hostility toward the word right - both from the 'left' and from the relative truth believers.  Doc believes that we can each live in our own reality, but once we coincide information, we fix the facts.  Note that Schroedinger never really had a cat in his box, it was a thought experiment.
     On this there is a separate sub-group - how can we accomplish any intellectual task when basic thoughts are covered by operational patents.  The ownership of process and material (like Monsanity owning genetic patterns) is insane and counterproductive.  What you know is not your property;  if you give somebody and idea and they run with it - they should reward you from thoughtfulness, not from obligation.
     Fifth - the cognitive dissonance will allow anybody to become distracted instantaneously.  A television commercial or a sudden movement will send the listener (or the speaker) away - the Sesame Street time-frame of interest takes hold.  This conference held many deep conversations;  outside the conference interactions seemed short and curt, because people needed to get to their next task.  Even a person walking past a table in a restaurant is enough to pull a speaker out of his sentence and into a mental lapse.
     I suppose that this observation should contain caveat - when the speaker finished, doc had to attend to selling merchandise and doing it fast so people could buy books and shrooms and supplements - there was no time to take to track what was sold or handle the money 'neatly' - just make change and sort bills in down time.  This means that having a good inventory is essential to getting the event accounted after the fact.  Total focus on task can always defeat distraction; it requires intent.
     Sixth - If you wish to complain rather than just deal and roll with the punches, the problem accelerates and amplifies.  If you take control early and change the mental picture of the stress to a just get-er-done mode, then the task moves along and the stress goes away.  This is essentially one of the key points of this seminar - to make good decisions, one needs to be clear and instinctual - think with your heart (gut), confirm with your head and do not dawdle to argue.
     Seventh - When you live in your own personal reality, you can sometimes get 'captured' or immersed in somebody else's unreal reality.  It is like you, as a player in a game of capture the flag, has been taken by the other side and have a time out from play.  I had a Friday night experience where i ran into information overload that didn't make sense and i had too many inputs that would not stop when i used my shut-down mechanism.  I was in space where i no longer was a player in that scene - i was along for the ride - the role i was given deliberately pushed my stress points.  This is not as bad as it sounds, because now i know some places where i can do more self work - people have triggers that change free will to true will.
     This last statement is a philosophical nightmare.  Not having free will is a different conclusion that what is assumed from learning.  We are told that we can always control ourselves and change the movie, however, sometimes in the eternal game, Great Spirit places us in a non-player character role and takes us for the ride.  We are Einstein's observer and cannot change the scene as it unfolds - we can only watch and learn.  We are players in a game within a game within a game - let's figure howdt the new game and change the rules.  Old game is over, just a matter of thyme.
    Eighth - last in a harmonic grouping.  Self-centeredness is a central fact that will keep our population from working together to clear the arbitrary blocks placed out there to control us.  It seems that tomorrow, Oct 17th, is 64 days away from the December 21, 2012 date of consecrated effect.  That tells me that we can expect another ratchet up of pace, not a slowing down.  Be clear and don't lie to yourself; truth is difficult enough to ascertain when you have good information.
    Life goes on, enjoying life gets you further quicker than complaining about what you don't like.  Be clear, because you draw what you focus upon.  Enjoy the day

Namaste'         doc

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