October 07, 2012

Fast Train Comin

     The thyme has come to break the silence - when has doc ever been quiet about anything.  The tools that we have are here and the utility of these tools is marginal at best.  The internet is the greatest advantage and the largest liability - what rings true?  I can make up fantasies that are way more likely sounding than some of the stunts that the media covers in real life.
     Real life - not reel life - but our cues get taken from what we choose to place into our field of vision.  The cognitive dissonance has become such, that we are no longer served by common facts.  I find it interesting that people will believe what they wish to believe and find evidence to support their point of view - even when you point out the contradictions.  The image that people have is based on pre-existing foreknowledge - which has no relation to truth.
     This past week has clarified a number of pathways for me to personally follow.  I like to keep as many balls in the sir as possible and the options at this time have led me to water. Water is not what most people think it is and the key to understanding the changes has to do with our misunderstanding of the concept of water.  Water is everything.
     This week coming is an adventure - i will run the Many Facets of Water - class #2 on Tuesday at 7:00 pm Pacific time.  The focus this week will be on the measurement of water - i plan to cover the concept of volume and then talk about what things we need to know about how our water.  My plan is to repeat the information presented there when more people are aboard, but i need to look at the form more than the content and find the best means to exchange information.
     Then, Dr. Lenny will be appearing in Reno - with Richard Alan Miller and Mat Stein - with a discussion on how to prepare for things when we have no idea what those things are.  We may have another person of note join us - the idea is to form an alliance to share the knowledge over many different channels.  It seems that we have a large expansion of our ability to grok concepts - what we don't have is the concept of how our new knowledge fits together within the old approach.
     Once again, it depends totally to what you believe is truth.  My truth does not have to be your truth - but we just cannot afford to lie to ourselves when we evaluate what we believe is true and false.  I get very far out there, because i can hold conflicting data in a flux box and use it only when i can justify the assumptions.  The key here is our concepts of order and chaos - the idea that chaos generated fear is a misconception that baffles me - how can people live in fear of half the balance - uber-order is every bit as bas as uber-chaos and the farther we find ourselves out of balance, the larger the swing that will happen to bring us back to the mean value - the ground where yin meets yang.
     More details will be posted on the fly as things transpire.  My plan is to ride the cosmic surfboard on the crest of the wave - and enjoy every bit of the howdtside whirled.  Who knows, it's Reno - i might have to place a long-shot bet and bring back a bit o honey.
     Namaste'     doc

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