October 22, 2012

Flowing Miasma of Diaspora

     How does one get grounded when we feel the earth move under our feet?  I am in my last hour of thyme under my own control for days, weeks, months, years?  I placed my own little space of connection to home into a box yesterday and now move though the motions of sorting and packing, sorting and packing.  Hal is upgraded and the laptop has all the pieces - the frustrations of connecting back in new places are compounded when the rubber meets the road - adrift in the flowing miasma of diaspora.
     Work - covering the nut - has to become a focus for doc - the timing of free fall without directional sense is over - we play in a whirled where hardball is king and if you are not paying attention, a runner creams your second baseman.  Today is game seven for the National League pennant - a pleasant distraction from the pace of frantic that the rest of this country insist upon these days.
     Fast food, fast women, fast times at ridgemont high - the pace is not germane, yet you are all in a hurry.  Slow down, you move too fast - y'got to make this morning last : breathe.  Focus on your breath - get grounded.  The ground shifted last Thursday - each of us must find it again.  It has a different frequency.  What seemed to matter yesterday does not even reach the scale today.
      The Obamney debacle needs to address the corporate reality from a different point of view.  The media money flow will leave a void in three weaks, that has to be addressed by common people working locally on common goals.  We need to have peace, not war and we need to grow real vegetables, not genetic Monsantrosities.  We need to listen to Alex Jones in love, not in fear - and insist that we do things differently, beginning with each of us - as one individual.
      Conversations need to happen - first with ourselves, then with each other.  I look at myself and i ask whether i am an emotional vampire on me - am i distracting myself from accomplishing my tasks by getting worked into a lather about things that i cannot control?  If i am, then i need to focus on my breathing - and realize that it is not my time to act there as yet.  
     When i can calmly talk to myself, then i have a chance to calmly talk to somebody else.  When you offend your cat, the cat goes away.  It doesn't keep coming back for more abuse - it comes back when you feed it.  Then, it purrs you.  It feels good.  Treat yourself well and other people will treat you well; abuse yourself and you are asking for more abuse.  Control your anger, realize that anger is not violence and you can be angry without getting upset about it.  Be real and know yourself.  Breathe.
     The lines are drawn, the high theater is now in play.  Whatever becomes is whatever it becomes.  Free fall is non-directional and trust in the universe is the only solid ground that we have.  I feel like a spinning top, or a dreidal - spinning all the time as i leave the cradle, i just can't stop ... but i can stop spinning.  And no, I will not watch the so-called debate.  I will listen to Alex Jones on Wednesday and hear the latest from Rick Miller - the physicist that speaks from knowledge.

Namaste'     doc

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