October 20, 2012

How I work in the light

     The light is not where the dark hangs out.  When we shine the light of inquiry and ask the proper questions, the rats scurry.  We now have too many facts to explain simple phenomena.  The challenge is one of perspective and we each have our own weigh of looking at things.  When we make value judgments, it is based on personal values, not shared value.  So we can each be different and still be the same.  Hence two ones in the fibonacci sequence.
     To agree, we do not have to be of like mind.  Please stop trying to change my mind - i look at things from my perspective and my mind does well to integrate them.  I cannot see your vision, but i can accept that a) you see your vision, that b) it is different from my vision and that c) it is okay.  How do i know what you call blue and what i call blue are the same color blue.  How do we know that blue is not decided by convention and assigned to a frequency, but what i see is orange and i call it blue because that was what i was taught?
     Absolute and relative are different contexts and are often not on the same page.  We live in a relative world, where everything comes together and we prioritize what is important to us.  What is important to me is different from what is important to you - so let us agree to ask, rather than assume.  Sometimes you do not have time to ask - best judgment is trusted, but i prefer to make all the decisions that affect my life and i take responsibility for only things that i want to be on my platter.
     Today - 10/20/12 - is a super-high energy date and lots of cosmos is flowing.  I am a sensiive and i am glad that it is just me and the kitties today - my mind is comfortably numb.  My intention is to keep writing - yesterday, people all day wanted me to watch stuff.  I do not learn by watching people talk at me.  While i can make videos, i tend to only watch music videos or radio without the movement on screen.  I tend to argue with the speaker and cannot take their absolution into my relative perspective.  It is why i didn't attend many college classes unless they were interactive - back and forth conversation gets me there way quicker than trying to guess the meaning of words that other speakers use.
     I also have trouble with cues.  If you signal me and i do not grok the signal, i ignore it - else it tends to fluster me.  My linear left brain flusters easily; my right brain can take interest in an aspect and dissolve into a different fractal scale.  Most people consider this rude, because it gives the appearance that i am not listening.  But when i focus hearing, i can allow my vision to go, because i imagine the picture of how what you are saying blends into my pre-constructed landscape.  So i tend to miss when i lose my listener, sorry.
     I also tend to have trouble with pace, especially if things happen too fast or two slow.  I am learning to control my breath and therefore resonate instantly at a different frequency, so that i sense time differently.  It is very easy to just announce stop and freeze everything for the few microseconds that i need to get my orientation back.  When this doesn't work - the situation is not under your control.  I hate losing control of myself - i cannot control anything other than my own cognition, how i perceive things.
     We do not all have the same level of perception.  Some people are clueless when taken out of their microcosm - they function very well within the limits of perception that they allow themselves.  Real changes is a function of the fractal that you are on; physics does not manifest the same at all fractals, however it does require resemblance at adjacent fractals.  This is very important.  If there is discontinuity when realities merge, then the smaller fractal integrates into the larger fractal.  The larger fractal is limited by the sense of one and really does not even consider any mechanisms smaller than those at hand.
     I was not able to write on the book yesterday - as i have integrate too much 'crap' (abject reality) into my head and am having trouble with the sorting mechanisms.  I changed the way i store hard data on the computers a few weeks ago and the trip to Reno brought me back to a place where only today am i able to sit down and spend the time to find some stuff that i moved.  I know this is best in the long run, that is why i did it;  in the here and now, it has me confused and at the mercy of the cognitive dissonance, which is really bothering me.  The electric field feels bad and i am afraid that my writing works better with pad and paper than when i am forced to keyboard it.  I know other people do not like that - i need to make it convenient for them and do my own work. However i cannot do it their weigh and get the work done the way i can do it best in the least amount of time.  
    Fact is, i can do an awesome job at coarse work, but i am not capable of the focus required for the detail.  When i have to move howdt of my elements, to learn to do something a certain weigh for somebody else, i freak and get combative.  I could see that happen in Reno and always caught myself and ceded the floor, because that is what i felt i was 'paid' to do.  The idea of pay grade dictating information rightness is totally absurd - but the current society of prima donnas does not grok any other weigh.  Major lesson of this test - the translation must take everybody away from personal comfort zones and get them to understand that controlling yourself is the only weigh that you have total control.  Do not give your power away to other people without 1) love and 2) trust.
     Unconditional love will get us there - trusting your judgment and then checking to see that you were right or wrong in your choice.  Right choices help other people operate smoothly, wrong choices cause stress and melt-downs.  This is a simple rule of thumb, but does not work in every situation.  Being able to make good choices comes from making choices and analyzing the end result - in your own terms of good and bad, and then on other fractals.  You cannot subdivide yourself (as far as we know - this is not absolute in my mind yet), so start with you on the fractal scale one and accept everybody else as starting on that scale.
     I think i write better in blogger than i do in the writing programs like Microsh*t Werd.  Every corporation has embedded their 'advantage' into their own products to make the user streamline by monopoly - and the cognitive dissonance ensures that by having components that do not work together, we increase our level of frustration and hence do not allow all these super cosmic energy forces to pass through us innocuously with no result.  I think that i will attend the Galactic Free Press love party today as doc rather than lemme and see if the orientation sparks a difference in the level of love that i encounter.  Only one person there knows that the two players are one and the same - perception is a funny variable.

Namaste'   doc

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