October 02, 2012

love and fear and water and music

     Marty Balin of Starship fame does a song where he asks, Is everything all right? Hearts can be that way.  The urgency of the times is ratcheting and the emotional rescue requires Jaggerian effort.  The key is to slow down, to rest, to gather your wits about you for the next phase of enlightenment.
     The energies are running high in all spheres - as above, so below.  The latest fear crisis is now setting people against ourselves in a zero sum game, where what i have is shrinking so i need to replace it.  Each new media roll-out is a figurine designed to tear your heart strings, which have been wound up excessively to dampen the range of vibration that you feel in your comfort zone.
     The frequency range of convergence is going to define where the limits of our recognition is set.  Life is a giant accordion, and when spread open expansively can have us polka-ing till our eyes cross - when was the last time you heard a live banjo?  Music calms - listen to the mood to set the mood.  Soft and warm or blaring steel guitars - rock, punk, emo, grunge, swing - a chord for everybody.  Love opens the squeezebox, fear clamps it down.
     Emotions are things that alter the relationship between fear and love.  Love is unconditional, fear is uncontrollable.  Every individual needs to be in control of themself and find a like thinking individual to share an emotional bond.  The mind, body, spirit, soul, person that you call you has a simultaneous need for direct connection, skin time, a loving warm embrace.  It also has a dread fear of rejection, of isolation, or being alone.
     Each one of us needs to spend some time alone with our own thoughts.  We need to ground our being to safe anchor points, where our comfort level allows us to resonate at a frequency where we shine.  We are defined by our water.  Cool, clear water has a precise resonant value - the sound of a trickling stream is nirvana to the tempo of nature - we can be as we be.  Release the karma, release the dogma, look inside for a chance to do it the weigh that the water guides demonstrate - we can flow with a passionate intensity, when we see the value in our choice of form as water in action.
     I hesitate to do, not because it doesn't need be done, but because the timing is such that the readiness quotient has not been met.  I can extemporize or i can move ahead slowly, with full cognition that some of this will not carry voice - Einstein knew that he could never solve a problem from the perspective of the mind-set that generated the problem.  What he didn't say is that we can solve the problems from our heart-set and the mind will follow.
     So, it's okay to not be okay - trust a friend and redefine the relationship to fit the terms that you need it to be.  Community is a mutual effort and relationships are stressed by the link between income and self-worth - a fiction if ever there was one.  And if ya can't be with the one you love, baby, love the one your with.
     Namaste'   doc

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