October 10, 2012

Propaganda vs Credentials

     How come half the radio advertising is from the bureaucratic nanny state?  Because no business can afford the media costs any longer.  The media has become a wholly encapsulated subsidy of the grubbermint.  It seems as though this 'ad council' co-sponsors the messages - this implies that the grub gets a discount on the costs to run the ad - not the market cost that we the people pay.  
     This scam uses PSAs - the public service announcement.  This again sets up some information as being more important than other information - and we get bombarded with use your safety belt airwaves and large enforcement fines.  Has anyone ever seen any safety belt fealty studies?  It seems to me that safety belts keep people trapped in cars when they could have escaped.  
     Vehicle safety is a total constructed enterprise.  From the need to have mandatory insurance, to registration and license fees, plus regulations of enforcement that are blatant fund-raiser for local cop shop - driving a vehicle is a major liability point any longer.  Just another way of moving people back into urban areas, where they are under more better control.
      The hermit doc did turn this stuff off for about 6 months.  He got his act together well enough to find the weigh, now the goal is to come howdt of the closet in the remaining thyme.  So i have to release the anger, because i know the way it is, is not the weigh it will be.  It is approaching the time where the movie script is changed - we have the battle of the time lines going on and the one that is is not the one that is in the next moment.
     How do we know that we know?  We do know when people speak truth - listen to the latest wujo podcast and know, this is referenced to the reality of the now where doc finds himself.  I think that the concept of getting through the thin point in the hourglass can be called Free Fall - however we are used to the concept of falling in a directional sense and this is not the case here.
     Life is different from what we believe life is.  Try to define the concept.  Life is a cereal.  Life is a board game.  Life is a natural phenomenon arising from breath.  If you pay attention to the small details, you notice life exists in places that we don't expect to see life.  We sometimes callously disregard the fact that other species need to have their territory also, and sometimes our scales interact.  I have developed a much better appreciation of spiders - and i see the interpersonal interaction between different species that do not speak the same language.
     It turns out - we do this all the time.  Do you pet your cat or walk your dog?  You have an attunement to that individual that allows the transmission of information in a non-verbal manner.  Do you have a physical water exchange?  Did this last question confuse you?  Who swaps spit with anyone other than their lover?  Er - watch a dog owner fawn over their pup sometime.  Doc stopped playing face snuggies with dogs after watching where dogs like to place their tongues.  But then - if you consider the tongue of an animal has the role of fingers on a human - how often would you lick your fingers?
     Doc did not get the Nobel prize in chemistry this year - it went to some bio-medical researchers that made their advance in the 1980's.  Doc's work in chemistry in the 1980's involved building model systems for biological function - he made designer cages for metal ions.  There are two claims that he can make of first - the first reported Palladium (I) compound and the first chemically stable mixed Iron (II), Iron (III) compound.  The latter was a trick of seeing how chemistry worked in a novel form - the complex that i made could have been created by any competent chemistry - the fun was the Mossbauer Spectroscopy used to make the proof.  The ideal formula was Fe(Fe(SR)3)2 - a ferrous coordination complex with a ferric ligand.
     The podcast, that you do wish to listen to, talks about the veracity of my colleague Richard Miller.  If you click on doc's doc in the crosslynx on the right - it goes to Rick's website.  We have the means to change, very rapidly, if we collectively decide that we no longer support the current movie.  Blink and it's gone.  But the rub is what is there to replace it.  We have been fed the propaganda for so long, that we think that it matters.  Now the Higgs boson and quantum physics demonstrates that matter doesn't matter.  
     Only it does.  As above, so below.  What goes in is what comes out.  Form may change, function may change, but the weigh is always the weigh.  If we learn to measure properly, then the game changes overnight.  Doc is headed to Reno tomorrow to change the game.  See you there?

namaste'     doc

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Steve Scott said...

Damm gubbamint! My new job has me working very early in the morning. When I'm in my car on the weekend is when all radio stations have their PSA hours at once. The local high school heavy metal station as an exception.