November 15, 2012

Assume nothing

     Sometimes things are not what they appear to be - at other times, they are just what they are.  If you take everything personal, you find that you misinterpret intent based on what you project into other people's consciousness.  Since we do not have direct telepathy, the interpretation of posture and body language serve to signal intention.  People read this and make assumptions on what they believe - guess what?  It is all a house of cards.
      The assumption that we all have the same backgrounds and abilities is fabricated nonsense.  We are all unique and have perspectives shaped by our ability to do things in the past.  There are things that doc does really well and things that doc avoids because other people do them much better.  Better is a relative term and requires a means of measurement.
     It is convenient for me to think that somebody who uses the net to get primary information on a daily basis would be more suited to a find the factoid micro-task than me - a generalist who gleans information and projects it into a thought pattern.  I am not impressed when i take four hours for a 15 minute task than a secretary can do in 20 minutes.  This nonsense of doing it all myself is a waste of my valuable time.
     Does a paycheck affect this process?  Would being paid for my time make things happen any better or quicker?  No, it would only make me feel better about wasting the time on the task, if i was interested at all in the money.  I am not, but i realize that money is grease and this economy has no lubrication, except for the hoard of the 1%.  How many of the 1% are corporations made into people by a very dubious supreme court decision?  Is the SCOTUS even legitimate?  
     If we have a document that sets rules that are not enforced, is the document worth the parchment it was printed upon?  Doc calls for a general strike against all forms of economy until we get a system worked out that is somewhat equitable and not based on the existing nonsense.  Until then, we reserve the right to disagree with all current assumption and doc will be based in a world of supportable fact - as soon as he extracts himself from the fear concentrate being cauldroned up in the Muddled East to stir the pot.
namaste'     doc

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