November 14, 2012

General Distress : Love Rescue

     One of the features of being howdt inda whirled (out in the world) is that i now get to see the idiot box.  I wouldn't have believed it if they hadn't told me it was so.  I feel bad for the man named general petraeus because he is being skewered in a feeding frenzy.  There is a person in there who has been doing what he has been doing for years on end with the same results and now, suddenly - it is over.  The lame stream media uses the word paparazzi arrogantly to describe themselves while giving themselves a pass to walk all over people's personal affairs.  The shock waves of the skeletons in everybody's closets reverberating all at once creates fear, a discordant resonance.
     My last post was entirely fear based and this post is not much better.  Light work in the dark world is a metaphor for being the change - Gandhi would be proud of the recognition.  The eternal battle of light and dark is a yin within a yang within a yin within a yang.  A fractal dementia. The call of the heart.  It doesn't really matter - anyone can see, nothing really matters, nothing really matters to me ... any way the wind blows free.
     The in your face style of Freddie Mercury was necessary for the civil rights extension to all people regardless of race, color or creed.  Abolishing economics and working to develop a new system based on cooperation and trust is a 'cannot get there from here' proposal.  The old ways no longer bring the same results and General David is fighting a hoard of Goliaths who are seeing their old ways melt into a crock feeding a fan (think Leslie Nielsen and Airplane).  In virtual seconds - peace on earth.
     What could you do if nothing was yours and everything was yours.  Could you look at yourself in love and ask, can love mean more than love.  What can you say to describe love without using the term love in the sentence?  Ah - the wordplay is intriguing.  A quick 16 built about love

     ________   Love  .  1st 4 are puppy love - true love - my love and crazy love
     Love _________ .  2nd four   Love Boat - love connection -  love songs - love sonnets
     Love Multiples    3rd four  Love, Love Me Do -  love me tender -  old fashioned love songs -  gotta whole lotta love  final four --   love is a battlefield -- love at first sight  -  love is a many splendored thing - Loves Labours Lost. 

     I guess i drift into music city because i enjoy having a recall that allows me playback without the sound.  I really could base my recollection on which songs were playing in the background of different events and you know i just love to quote the music when i can.  Make your own list and see how many unique loves you can make and how many common loves we all choose on our lists.  I know i missed a few.  Rules are - first quarter and second quarters have one word answers - third and fourth quarters are free association.
     Now that we are in reality of calm knowledge based on a peaceable world - no swirling miasma, no rushed deadlines.  Doncha hate to go back to work - but 8:30 dawned and i have things to do.

love     doc

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