November 02, 2012

How it works

     Life is a gigantic poker game, where the cards get shuffled and dealt from time to time and you play the hand you get dealt.  If you fold immediately, you get to play one of the sheeple during the procession;  eventually the cards get dealt again and you get to pick up a fractal of your former life.  Your attitude determines your aptitude and just because you do well does not mean that the next deal isn't something completely different.
     The idea of fractal connection is a nature thing - as nature changes sizes and scales, each scale has to be self consistent and also has to be adjacent to the before and the after.  An example of a disconnect would be if we all woke up to find ourselves in star trek uniforms on an enterprise where we all knew our role to operate the ship.  It's a nice dream, but no director can get us there from here within the here and now.
     The presentation of is, is not what is is.  We have enough information to know that the current political debacle of occupy! concern is a make believe land of the rich and powerful, where they govern the laws because of leverage acquired by playing an unfair game on a tilted playing field.  The hero story keeps many of us going - but there is no win in the game here and everybody really should throw their hands back into the kitty for a new deal.
     Complexity and Simplicity are yin/yang parameters.  If we start to shuffle and play again, perhaps we should step the game back from poker to solitaire.  I think that is what is coming anyway.  You have responsibility for you and I have responsibility for me and nobody has any responsibility for everything.  If we all do what we do the weigh we do it measures how well off we become.  Nobody is well off when everybody is cranky and working to hard spinning their wheels.
     Reality check - go buy Raz's book.  He speaks truth and is stressing over the hand that he hasn't quite folded - if i operated in the monetary system, i would buy his book.  But now, doc works as an editor for Richard Alan Miller and we have a lot of books that you absolutely are going to need if you don't already have.  The game will be agriculture - if you don't grow food, you might not eat.  A lot depends on how the fractal shuffles in the next new game of life.
     Life is a cereal, life is a serial and LIFE is a game, with plastic pegs in plastic cars, on a plastic board with a plastic spinner.  Oil is the key ingredient in plastic and last time i looked, it was over 100$ a barrel - don't even try to calculate oil company profit margins based on a 24 gallon tank.  I wonder what the molarity of oil is - water is 55.5 molar.  This means something to us chemists - moles are the central apples in the chemistry measurement system so that atoms in molecules end up on a one to one basis.  When we see what we have to work with, then we will grok the expression necessary to teach what we know.
     Peeps are not ready yet - Sandy is a wake-up call - turn off the tv and tune in the radio - turn off the mass media and create the micro-media.  Listen to your heart and turn down the cognitive dissonance of ego driven emotional fragility.  Cause otherwise, you wont be able to enjoy the high theater involved in the Dust of Empire show.  New cards will be dealt soon - if you already folded your hand, all you can do is watch the game.  I like to watch the cartoon overlay myself - eh, what's up doc will always be associated with a wascaly wabbit.

Namaste'     doc

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