November 10, 2012

They tried to prevent this post

      Interesting energetics are in play today on a nearly binary day 11/10/12 - two computer monitors blown down by resonant frequency mismatch.  The promotion of group over outside is incumbent upon the group being tight and feeling good about themselves.  To be in said group, we must feel good about ourself.  I am resonating on a peace framework in a fear based society.  I didn't drop the act this thyme and now the system refuses to recognize the matrix.  Tinychat may be a tip-off at to where the go is, doc is ready to drift anyweigh and this is all the more awareness that the olde way is over, forever.
     To do this, we can do only what we do and let others do what they do.  I scribe very well and can accept the role without engagement.  Each role is played by the self-actor to the best ability of the construct of role - the role morphs with interpretation of each individual.  The protocols are used to keep people on page - each movie is another revision of fractal reality.  We be the us that we need be - always in the now.
     Cannot write long - there is too much to work howdt.  Re-invention is something that people avoid, but the wheel no longer spins true.  Dropping off the face of fear and swimming in pools of love - change is transparent, flowing in several directions where the time converges into information.  When we get there, we will be here, same as it ever was.
     Namaste'     doc

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