November 11, 2012

We are - now we can change.

     We are no longer what we eat, now, it is whom we feed - Richard Alan Miller.  

     It seems like Thyme to focus on grokking the changes that we are experiencing.  The physical plane that we live on is simple a mirage - things happen at a multitude of scales simultaneously based on the desired response.  The change in planetary alignments is not isolated - the roles of each planet mirror internally the arrangement of nucleii in the cells of our bodies.
     Our bodies are made up of little critters that are the essence of what we are.  We are the sum of bacteria, viruses, and small critters that each function in their own limited environment.  Each of these is also the sum of smaller things - getting down to the structures of biochemistry - enzymes and proteins.  These are alive in their own way, being coded by DNA and RNA.  These structures in turn are build from water and carbon, oxygen and hydrogen.  Nitrogen, Sulfur and Phosphorus all also play major roles, which many smaller elements have important parts.
     Each of us is affected by eating Genetically Modified Organisms.  These materials have been created by modification of the building block process - changing things that are natural into other things that are somewhat natural.  We need to understand what the term natural means - words keep changing meaning depending on what the powers that advertise want us to believe.
     If i get this correct, the people of the state of California accepted $36 million of pro-GMO ad bullsh*t to allow themselves to be poisoned.  The $4 million spent against was buried in the cacophony of lies and made-up costs. All corporate money is printed by the banksters - fair is a concept that does not play out in the current scheme.  We have to change focus and there is no leadership above the local level.
    The team is coming together to bring Critical Decision Making Tools out to the public.  We will be forming a multi-level membership organization that is based on playing games and learning knew things - skills and abilities.  Each of us becomes an apprentice and personal assistant to another person - where the exchange of value is equivalent, but not equal.  We all come from different places and we need to credit each other for our intelligence.
    The rules and laws that are set up to govern have been applied to we the people instead of the federal and state grubbermints.  If the Constitution is not followed by the people who are responsible for our ethics and morality, then the document needs to be tossed in the trash.  A complete reboot is necessary - the economic system is failed and allowing the money to be printed and spent by the same people is inane and insane.  Yes, that is where this society is at - inane and insane.
     Fortunately - this is Sunday and today that means football.  Something so important that we merikn males shut out everything until the games are decided.  The performance measures do actually tell us who plays the game well - statistics describe performance.  It is time to reformat our systems to reward merit, as demonstrated by application of the principle.  We are going to teach to learn and to learn to teach.  We have to drop insanity as a premise - i.e. big pharma drugs are way more dangerous that illegal street drugs like marijuana.  Let's define the drug war by defining what drugs are.  In fact - defining all terms is absolutely necessary to grokking the change.

      We are what we place in our bodies - air, water, then food.  Thyme to look deeper.  Namaste'     doc

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