December 13, 2012

Deep physics

   Intermediate pit-stop in the continuing saga of dacta lenny thyme and his light travels through the fractal biosphere.  He has agreed to become a contributor to the isotropic vector matrix as long as the product of the work is freely gifted to all humanity in the public interest.  The work of Haramein is close, but his misunderstanding of polarity and symmetry is a liability in the physical imaging of reality.
   We live in a holographic universe that changes continuously in small increments at every facet of the scale.  This includes all dimensions of time and space, and every concept from super-string up the line.  Quarks, mesons, leptons, protons, neutrons, electrons, atoms, molecules and macromolecules, all of biology is subject to this realm.  Doc wonders what emergent behaviors we will find when we find ourselves somewhere over the rainbow.  It is all very charmed and strange.
   Physics relies on mathematics for proof of concept in a geometrical pattern based on linear algebra.  Sacred geometry paints a picture of natural symmetry, with point groups that align with those found in crystals.  Look at the salts that you commonly use before they are ground to smithereens and you can see the crystal lattice.
   A lattice is a framework - like lettuce is the framework for your salad.  Think of this project as though we are the subways creating the sandwich that allows form and flow to merge into continuous reality.  More information on the project will be forthcoming as time allows and thyme allows.
   namaste'     doc

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