December 01, 2012

Water - beginning fractal of life?

   Life is not all fastballs, sometimes you deal with curveballs and sliders and every so often you get a screwball.  Denial is not a river in Egypt and sometimes you have to be willing to not swing at every pitch.  Light is a substance that catalyzes chemical activity - each of us is a chemical being based on the composition of water - a relatively simple complicated substance.
   If we look at ourselves in the mirror, we do not see the nature of the waters of who we are.  Water is a chameleon that changes form instantly and looks for a polarity to align with.  Therefore, since people vary in size and shape - we are united by the frequencies that we resonate our water molecules.
   Water is not a simple molecule with three degrees of freedom.  Water is able to change form at will, and what is in the water helps determine the context of use.  When something is added to the water we drink, it now serves that material rather than our physical form - we should all drink at least a glass of water each day without the coffee, tea, soda or other ingredients.  Maybe add a pinch of baking soda - your internal buffer systems will thank you.
   Proteins and enzymes use structural water to allow their domains to function.  Biochemistry has to follow the mechanisms of chemistry on a larger scale where fractal reality transforms the comprehension.  Water molecules are way, way smaller than the functional protein:  the internal water in the structure carries more weight than the carbon structure, when the system is functioning well.
   The active site is the place where the action occurs.  There is generally a metal ion present that has a specific chemical function - we measure a turn-over rate to tell how many times a transformation occurs in a fixed time period.  Some times things take a long time - like 10 reactions per second - other times you get over a million transformations. The specific local chemistry governs the rate of function.
   Plant growth should follow this function.  Doc would like to re-create an organization - OAK - to question all knowledge in a scientific approach toward learn to feed ourselves efficiently and at no cost to the populace.  Healthy food is a natural right and Monsanity just has to be stopped.  I get information on the whirled from Farm Wars - today's feature is well worth the reading time.

Namaste'     doc

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