December 14, 2012

What is going on !

   Dreaming in modes of expression while watching life ebb with the flow - psychotic craziness is the mirage for lamestream press profundity - all things considered, i, like Bartlebey the Scrivener, would prefer not.  All is well and magical when you believe in the power to be resistant to the forces pushing against it.  Love is unique in that it answers every question, while providing mechanisms that are uniquely strange and charmed.
   The topic of energy led me to thinking (dangerous to some folks - watch for smoke coming out of the ears rather than the lungs) about thermal versus light induced pathways.  The mechanisms differ substantially, thermal energy is multidirectional and all encompassing while light energy has directionality.  Microwaves cause vibration of everything and remove all the resonance programming from a substance or solution, whereas visible or low energy wavelengths can induce creative organic chemistry.  The vibrational frequencies tend to be related by harmonics.
   The polarity of water ensures that gates open and close with a directional pathway in the realm of biochemistry.  There are built in bypass systems that allow subsystems to be isolated from the whole and a natural redundancy of function that has factors of size and scale.  This can be modeled in game terms as being 'off-the-grid', either temporarily or permanently.  This depends on whether the experiment or 'game' works as planned.
   Experience is a collection of adventures where you earn life style by discovering something new and different from the weigh - it is not what you have experienced before.  Feelings become insight into your personal psyche - you know when a truth is revealed, you can feel it resonate with your inner being.  The flow forms within the boundaries of symmetry; love overcomes power and the mind decides whet the heart implies.
   Love you all - namaste'     doc

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