February 14, 2013

where do we go from here?

   The temptation exists to stop back-pedaling and start moving forward.  This week has been dedicated to seeing what happened in the time that i allowed the whirled to pass on its own - there is really nothing of deep significance happening.  The lame stream media and most of my favorite commentators are still in the same mode as when i left - pick up the pieces and go home.
   However - kudos go out to the arch-druid and his current discussion on government systems.  The idea that the people are the government and the government is of the people is one that we lost as empire evolved.  The idea that the people affected are in the best position to make the call is absolutely spot right on.  We new need some new documentation that reestablishes the thoughts of the Declaration of Independence - about the rights to throw off the yoke when the current governance no longer serves well.
   This will not be easy, but nothing worthwhile ever is easy.  I am willing to serve, but not in this current dysfunction.  Thus, I have upgraded Existence - not the website, but the book that the website took off from.  It had been five years since the original publication date in 2008.  Since the arch-druid is talking about revamped education - the new upgrade of Existence is timely - i do need to publish the book for real.
   There is one major problem - the group that demonstrated that Existence could work is no longer a group - the people of our community never established a landed site and have moved on to other adventures.  I am nowhere near the Pacific Northwest at the moment - however, when i return, the ideas that i will carry will have been thought through again, for another attempt at the merry-go-round and it's associated brass ring.  If the ring is golden, i would have a lot more assistance.
   That's all for now - will slowly work up to a rate of posts that is equivalent to the requirements of informative exchange -  namaste'   doc

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