March 14, 2013

Disclosure : We are Stardust

   The current 3D whirled exists as an early fractal of a former reality.  As another star date has passed, we come to the next interface of 3D vs 5D.  Tuesday demonstrated to me that complete faith based on love allows the 'impossible' to happen without a doubt.  The van got there by will power alone, the designated timeline providing a deja-vu moment set in last fall.
   Since the van issues was not the first time dealing with the same bad wheel bearing, I feel that perhaps the watchers panicked and are attempting to pull old tricks out of their hat - grasping at straws.  There is a possibility that the resources are evaporating, such that operations directed at the worrisome must be bagged in the short term.   Just because i am paranoid, does not mean that they're not after me.  If I didn't take notice on some other non-viable timelines, then i am now more concentrated in my being here, now and can advance forward into the next fractal.
   The ability to function without external constraint is a learned function.  Animals can sense the change - they work with me when i need them.  They also tease me mercilessly when I don't quite grok their language.  Dogs need to have a regular schedule, whereas cats wish to eat and sleep with comfort.  The dogs tend to anticipate our thinking, while cats can sense how we feel.  It seems as though the dogs only chase the cats for show effect, especially when they live together.  Cats have a wider field of perception which seems to see our energetics - perhaps by the light emitting from our chakras.  
   Listening to Genesis while coordinating a shift into a 5 dimensional reality.  The animals have the same point source field energy in 5D as i have.  We have all declared Peace - I am enabled to share Disclosure.  This life has its basis in magick - the change emits through us as resonance - the more we believe, the higher frequency of energy we can handle.  We have total control over where we choose to focus our energy.
   Space requires time - 5D is outside the normal physics of common practice.  The need to do comes and I do.  The universe helps provide the tea leaves once I set forth intention, it stops actions that are not supposed to be on the ultimate timeline.  It can be gentle or harsh - when I blow past gentle, it can be quite harsh.  The old weigh, 3D, is not what it seems - the mystery brings a sense of wonder.
   Disclosure - of what?, of whom?, of how?  Do some of us know what is coming?  I would have to say yes.  Do I know?  I am in the light, yet in the dark.  I trust that I am in a need to know situation - too often I find out things that i really did not need to know.  As long as the bubble of belief is not burst, then the belief holds true.  I am careful to not be shattering other people's illusions - disclosure requires tact.and timing.  Easing the tension by providing a conduit to the message of love is a key approach.  Love, not fear, is the driver :  think with the heart, then verify in the mind.  People have been taught to be off kilter - the Leaning Tower of Pisa will always lean.
   Our souls are ships that can take us anywhere our heart desires.  Imagine what you wish to see, then intend to make it happen.  We are stardust - we are golden - and we've got to get ourselves back to the garden.

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