March 26, 2013

Get Sirius and grok basic chemistry

   Events are starting to take place that appear unusual to the naked eye.  The things that we expect to happen are delayed, while actions occur that leave us scratching our heads, wondering.  Everybody is feeling squeezed - not getting their black coffee in bed.  The things we take for granted are starting to change materially and every action seems to lead to an equally strange immediate reaction.
   I had the opportunity recently to watch Dr. Stephen Greer on the Joe Rozan show - a three hour interview on Disclosure that was just fascinating.  Dr. Greer runs the Disclosure Project and is releasing a movie called Sirius on April 22.  The movie will set the record straight on topics like Rozwell that have been contaminated with the icky glue of secrecy.  Some brilliant public servants decided that Americans would panic when the flashlight of truth was shined on the event, so talk of UFO's has been left in the conspiracy category - even though eyewitness testimonials ring true.
   The current world that we live in is wrought with peril - most of it caused by over-eager imaginations within our media.  The lame stream press attempts to paint a consistency within their lies - if it doesn't fit the Goebbles line - they can't really talk about it.  I turned off the talking heads a few years back.  Scientists are supposed to investigate the unknown and report results.  The game has referrees called the peer review system - which means that each report has to fit into the context of the big lie, so it must be changed in subtle form to flow into exactly the fear that our masters wish us to know.
   Thyme to step back and look in the mirror.  The truth is the interpretation of visual and contextual data that we collect, in a form that makes sense in context with the knowledge developed in the past.  New science from Gerry Pollack at UW seems to imply much more distance for the water structure - instead of a few layes, Pollack says that millions of molecules of water are involved.  When we look at the water in biological structure - we can see that it plays an integral part in the function and shape of the macromolecules.  The water that is hydrogen bonded to the internal surfaces has different constraints than the external water bonded to other water molecules.  The bond angles depend on the relationship to larger atoms, like sulfur, nitrogen and oxygen, that form the function groups of the enzymes and proteins.
   Water - H2O - is a very small molecule in relation to the biology.  A unit with a Molecular Weight say 10,000 likely carries an additional water weight of 15,000 units.  Water weighs 18 units - 16 for the oxygen and 1 for each of the hydrogen.  A single amino acid - one unit of the carbon chain - has a minimum of two carbons, two oxygen atoms and a nitrogen atom - that is 70 weight units, even before we discuss the 'side arms'.  The key concept here is that water gets into everything - like ants get into sugar.  The difference is that the water is part of the system, where the ants are not perceived as such.
   Structured water is water that has an aligned polarity to other water molecules.  Water has a positive partial charge on the hydrogen side and a negative partial charge on the oxygen side and opposites attract.  Water will align with water and form tetrahedral shapes that can extend - well quite a long way in relative size terms.  We like to think in the scale of human size and have trouble extending the size across different orders of magnitude - we take things out of context in our sciences to make the difficult concepts easier to understand - and rarely get deeper into the model to see how things actually work.
   Scientists tend to be very protective of their personal field of research.  The ridiculous patent system assigns rights to a concept to the first person that can show proof of concept and then monetizes the issue for corporate profits.  The real prophets can no longer build science on top of science without paying royalties to the owner of the initial patent.  Corporations outlive people by a considerable degree and eventually reel in all of the significant closely related patents - leading to a Monsanity that now claims that farmers steal value when they plant their own seeds.  Ahem.   AHEM.
   The legal system is as corrupt as the patent system - money, printed by banksters, seems to control the flow of all that has 'worth'.  I think this game is over - i refuse to participate in any quest that is not transparent and beneficial to all of my peers - not just the ones who have fancy letters behind their name.  There are several base concepts that i learned from my firend Armando, a true seer that worked out the philosophy of the limbic brain.  This work looks at the beginning of brain evolution and develops concepts in a form called Treei.  (tree - eye)
   I have an eight by eight grid of sixty-four pairs that form a simple guidence calendar for my life.  I left the standard calendar last year and moved to the Mayan Tzolkin - a 13/20 calendar of 260 days per cycle.  The Treei caledar is a back-up. Today is a flow loving day - hence my post for Thursday is two days early ( I will be travelling again and off-line by Thursday).  Changing calendars is one way to leave the past system behind and start fresh - but at your own risk, since the present system of one-size-fits-all is still the only game in town.  I will evaporate into time for hours on end with the focus to accomplish a piece of work - to me time is a fantasy and i always have the time in the now - when i place my focus.
   So the limbic concepts of Treei in order are Mass, Form, Flow, Power, Love, Sound, Mind and Void.  Each has a glyph - the archives of this blog have many posts related to the use of the Treei cards and calendars as predictors of future outcome.  I believe that intent is a major factor in outcome and that if you do things without specific intention, the great spirit of the universe gives you what you want in a form quite different from the one you expect.  So things that are deliberate tend to take more time for focus to guide the outcome - there is no income involved in the game.  Thus - the concept will never be there for the masses in the current form since this world's measure of success is solely income.
   The game is rigged and there is no weigh howdt.  Except that there is a way out - by setting intention for change.  I can only change myself, my style and grace, my vision and words, my actions and deeds.  I am here to serve humanity, not the leeches that have constucted the pyramids of greed - that game is over.  The new game will be different for each of us, but it relies on the braking of old game concepts.  Cyprus is a beginning - do not fear where it takes you - the money is just a perfidity in a superfluous fiction.  We can set our minds to anything - the key is setting our hearts to love.  All actions based in love are okay - the change we will see is beyond all our individual expectations.  We just have to change our thought pattern - not easy, but quite doable.
   Namaste'     doc

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