April 22, 2013

lemme's dream

Welkom to my 3-D whirled
the crazy zany mixed up place
of ordinary never was
that just happens to be

Here in the land of 4/20 at 11:11
we use lemme land logic
whenever we want a convenient belief
to temporarily rest our hat
logic is the ego molesting the inner child
wonder what the kid never did
in the reality of the sphincter
kid never knew what hit em
until now, the raunchy now

Shock is how you wake em up
Alex tweaks the tweakers
into a manufactured rage
obsessions with a mythical pursuit
of a dying ideal based on phantoms
of missed beliefs – of fairness
and power and ethics and country
follow the money laughing
all the way to the banksters,
soon swinging from lampposts
in the cool morning dawn,
with Eric too big to address real crime

Four-twenty upon us with Boston cops
in full gear disrupting life as we know it
by turning the stage of everywhere else
to here, in the now, a reality
as buff as a dyke in heat with a new girlfriend
super caffeinated desk jockeys
playing shoot em up games
from remote locations somewhere totally else
sending drones reigning on the masquerade
parade of glistening Klinton logic
Obummer – wrong place to be

Target central right before your very eyes,
cooked in the basking glory of
Fukushima and Chernobyl
roasting away the tethers
of the strands that mutate life
Monsane distress to a new genetic cornucopia
in the same hot water pot
beans and rice targeted next
corn and soy and wheat are toast
you never know what you are eating
until you really know your pets
and your plants; get my drift

If not, look up when rain clouds abound
only lines of them sweep in a grid
crossing, teasing and bringing the gray
every afternoon by mitigating strontium
aluminum and barium and fluoride
in variety of combinations called geo-engineering
those driving that train can
swing with the banksters
waste filled air is another
dilution solution to pollution
not effective in the least
now at a level to keep you sick
Sick where big pharma can take care
of the parts of you that big farmer missed
with his ddt and gmo and all three letter words
have become dirty filthy words
to tame masses and they mean us
Feel tame yet? Thought so
so go take your pills
stare at the box that brings you
the latest tear jerk creation
manufactured as a false flag
a positive reason to take more pills

Pills run your life by getting caught up
with those doctor types
that have the feeling jerked out of them
by the game they play to get to be
who they are – the clowns that nod their heads
tell you to cut back on the chips
that we all know are addictive,
but no one can eat just one – can they?

Enuf bad, now good is that love has won
that turning our swords into plowshares
is the way it is done: the new world
happens when we escape the domain
of synthetic reality in three dee space
come into our own unique pie in the sky
this dream that when carried forth
allows you to blithly ignore the supraculture
'cept the views from subverts like Kunstler
the druid and raz: make you cry?

Cuz there is a different weigh
to survey the cleansing
too play different games
that mean so much more
to learn to deal with what is
instead of Hollywood creation
theater of the mind that bring
the misery of cashing in chips

Chips of the game; the tokens called stuff
that has to go because the game
banks print the money to loan you at interest
just aint gonna cut it no more – no sir
Go Dog Go's Big Dog Party is over
we did not like that hat!

lemme howdt 2013

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