May 07, 2013

Doc's History with Time

    This is the last day of my Treei year, the Void Voiding day. It is the day where everything that I didn't get to do during the past year gets flushed into the time capsule and when the new day will dawn tomorrow, I will follow yet another stairway to heaven. Having recently passed 20,000 days in the life, learning to use new calendars is really teaching this old dog new tricks. Giving up on the standard calendar is not really allowed in this society – most businesses function by the clock. No thank you, Henry Ford – I choose not to be a slave to the decree of time.
    I never liked punching a time clock or tracking my hours. As long as the job gets done, there is no standard for ownership in my systematized world – I do things on my time except by agreement. I attempt to hold to my agreements, but lose track of the obligations once they leave my thought space. I carry journals and write things down, but rarely go back and read from those journals once they are filled – data mining begins as soon as I get myself into a permanent location.
    Calendars track years of time. I kept my computer files stored by month for years and years and used my memory to know when I had done certain things. Having a good memory is a trap, because when you use all your personal bit space, your mind chooses which data is not important and can be overwritten. My mind works based on numbers and so all the telephone numbers and the name/face associations went as I blew a gasket and went into 'super-esoteric' mode. 'I know I know you, I recognize your face, but the name slips me.' I can call it old professor syndrome, because I memorized a lot of names with short term memory tricks and lost them as soon as the student went away.
    I tried once to switch my week to having Monday and Tuesday off. I was working on an education program with kids at a zoo on weekends and really put forth all my energy into creating learning systems – to working with the individual youth and understanding them, from their perspective. Our programs used weekends because it was not school affiliated – it required extra learning time above and beyond. It was science for kids that were bored with school – focused to their task of contemplating how the picture comes together.
    Problem was, my boss's bosses were used to getting their meetings done at the beginning of the week. The entire team had to be present for the Monday morning cheer-leading session, where everybody got their new assignments for the week (which were always the same old assignments that were in the job descriptions.) I suppose it meant they had all ears and didn't have to relay information, but I never really got a full day off – I always had to go in on my days off and deal with some invented problem. It rarely ever concerned the animals, which I naively thought was what a zoo was about.
    Anyway, when I started scribing full-time, I lost track of the days. I attended a summer festival, the Mystic Garden Party, where they observed a day out of time and thought – wow that could be a cool concept. I stopped in a booth where they were promoting Jose Arguelles and learned about a glyph based Mayan calendar called the Tzolkin that had a 260-day year set in thirteen 20-day lunar months. I could see where a different calendar might be confusing, but I liked the white wind symbol that seemed very happy. Turns out that this calendar is tied to another 364-day Mayan calendar with the same glyphs that is seasonally based. I filed this for reference by accepting a calendar book.
    When it all came apart for me, I didn't grok what was happening. I was lost in the formality of the ebb and flow of reality when it just didn't seem real – one of the first in the unjust foreclosure department when the banksters were skim-scamming easy fruit. I was working multiple jobs to barely make ends meet and just couldn't pull it all together in an impoverished rural community. I followed the logic and reason to the extreme and tried to be what everyone else expected – the scientist who wasn't being paid but did science work anyway. Guess what didn't work.
    I landed at a place where spirituality was being developed by some extremely competent people that had turned off the fictional reality. I was encouraged to become a Hedronist – joining a group of sharp, dedicated folks that used sacred geometry in application to their work. Armando Busick, a Haight-Ashbury relic who worked with Alan Watts, was working on a concept of early language development in the limbic brain. The world turned off – he could envision meaning developing as eight glyphs – each with a sound and a tone and an elaborate set of interactions based on a grid of 64. A chessboard, existing of permutations of two with eight characters.
    Armando designed a deck of oracle cards and a calendar that started on the day each of us was born. It always starts in the same place – mass massing and always ends on the 64 day with void voiding. The two sets of eight interact in a special harmonic and I was part of Armando's Thursday morning 4-person reading group for roughly two years.
    I kept track of the statistics of the group reading and the frequency of terms, both in group space and my own personal space. I was able to calculate the number of days I had spent on Gaia and by dividing by 64 – I would get a decimal remainder which told me how far along I was on the Treei calendar. Allow me introduce this Treei calendar concept to you here and let you see how I got to void voiding today.
    There are eight glyphs that are the basic motivation of everything that is. It begins with mass, which originates at the beginning, as mass massing. Once there, the mass begins to form. If there is no mass, then there is nothing to form. Once formed, the mass then starts to flow. As it takes on the directional building toward accomplishment, the mass exudes power. The percolating froth of mass is directed in love. As the play comes together the mass produces sound. The hearing is amplified like a fine audio system to allow mass to engage mind. When it all comes together, then our day of rest, as mass settles back into the void.
    Then it becomes form's turn to mass. And so the days continue as form forms and eventually power loves, sound flows and void minds. Everything in each package of two – in both combinations – there is a flow forming and a form flowing that are different in nature. This Treei package speaks to my heart and my mind and keeps me guided by a structure in the background based on symmetry and group theory.
    When I stepped back, I saw that Armando had recreated the I-Ching in a different form. He, of course, had already realized this and had a book of art that he had created that defined thing in terms of his glyphs and other symbols. After two years of deep work, life moved on and I continued to visit Armando as he attempted to bring out his Treei oracle deck and create an internet site that expressed his love of being.
    Now, as I envision the whirled, I use the Treei oracle to let me know where I stand on my rhythmic path. I use the Tzolkin to convey the image of the day, in technicolor mode, as this Tzolkin is a new age form of an old age treasured holding – a spin of the same spun different. Today is yellow rhythmic seed – my choice of adjective above was ceded. And as above, so below.
    With a bit of cosmology embedded into the frame of each day – we can see where we have the basis for a new weigh to grok the talk and to walk the walk. Developments have shown progress this year – a new period of 217 day began at the last Yellow Cosmic Sun. This runs through this year's Day Out of Time – July 25th. This is the change that we are discussing – more things happening on a daily basis.

Namaste'     doc 050713

Note: You can get a copy of the Tzolkin calendar from the Foundation for the Law of Time POB 156 Ashland, OR 97520 USA or download at .

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