May 04, 2013

One to One

Full House: from One to One

Start: quietude and solace
murmuring whispers
voices from another land
where size runs volume aweigh

smaller is less archonic
fewer degrees of freedom
as simple joys reign
complexity disintegrates

number status changes
from one all up to three
is as sixteen to sixty-four
at twenty five or six to four

begin at zero, one and one
then two to three to five
eight, thirteen and twenty-one
thirty-four and fifty-five

small steps along a fine path
graduate into larger leaps
equilibrium balances
length in time at each jump

accomplish quantum leaping
pole to pole without encumbrance
no muddles in the middles
when scaling cutting edges

to begin anew takes forever
no momentum attained
until critical mass arises
into emergent behavior realms

it happens once all pieces set
chessmen start the battle
pawns sacrificed for sake of space
for territorial expansion

large size diminishes
back into more simple small
in stable altered configuration
advantage set in stone

no longer does math govern
the numbers come to play
numeronomy unveiled
under altered perspective today

now, a new day dawns
issues change the signs
perspective shifts to this today
begin at one, in quietude.

2013 - lemme howdt

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