May 30, 2013

Science of Chemtrails

      Amazing how the words flow when the focus of the morning is to write before acting. Each day is another episode in the daily scheme – the things to do get done and the concrete reality builds a picture of ebb and flow. There are things that seem odd, but one can only follow them on the screen, as we really have no direct contact with anyone beyond our small circle of friends and relatives. The times when we mix and match are when real knowledge gets transferred, not by the university system that shellacs the pages of yesteryear as purported fact.
      There was a time when I kept up with the cutting edges of science. It was easy, as the thoughts of scientists worldwide were reported in the journals – where professors got their kudos and publish or perish was the stock in trade. That I noticed this game was rigged and off at the end of the 1980's was one of the reasons that I left for Oregon a second time – if they wanted to jack you around, then they could jack you around. I thought that not playing would work – instead I am not playing all alone in the backwoods of nature. I perished from the scene – working several low level odd-jobs before the storm sent me packing on the foothills of the new weigh of life.
      The dastardly change came in the early Clinton years, when university professors were allowed to make profit from their own research function. This is actually being repeated now, at a different sense of scale with college athletes – the university has a moneymaker that they didn't share with the generators until the force of time weighed in. That the NCAA is a corrupt old boys network is a given – all the establishment pathways are cluttered with pretenders that staked their claim to a portion of the mechanism, that every flow must now go through them. Thus, payment for no service is the rigged effect and the cause is well in the past – the need for greed to keep oneself alive.
      It doesn't have to be this weigh. The picture we hold of the illusion is one that we can create in our mind's eye and then build a fractal of in reality. That reality has physical laws that create the possibilities is something we all learned in school and is a limiting means of looking at the big picture – we can only do what we are allowed to do, by authorities, by physics and by the laws of men. Notice that the laws of nature are not on the short list. Nature is something to be conquered over, not collaborated with. Our loss.
       How does one achieve zen with nature? The first weigh is to experience nature on a daily basis. Breathing outside air is always a good start. If the chemtrails leave us alone, the air in the Pacific Northwest would come from a cleansing flight over the Pacific Ocean. Ah, the chemtrails – what are they and what is the story behind them?
       Doc had the opportunity to participate in the film – What in the World are they Spraying? The film director, Michael Murphy, starts talking with experts about the facts accumulating that imply that spraying may not have beneficial purpose. When you see the trails – they stay as residuals lines and spread out into cloudiness over the course of the day. The composition of the aerial spray has been shown to contain barium, strontium and aluminum – three metallic elements that have no actual biological function in the realm of life. That these materials are measured in places where they are not normally found is a notice that something is going on beyond the normal call of expectation. Much of the data from Mt. Shasta was collected by a professional biologist with USFS experience – that agencies cannot discuss the data flat out is a strike against our intelligence.
      Doc will be working with Dane Wiggington, the primary data provider for the website. Dane lives in Northern California, east of Mt. Shasta. He reports a large tree die-off: the texture of life is getting difficult for trees that expect acidic pH in their soils – the current spraying effort has increased average ground pH between 10 and 100 fold – from pH of 5.3 to pH close to 6.5. The forests in southern Oregon still look green, but the continuing drought creates fire hazard conditions that could take large tracts of forests off-line in a hurry. When Dane confronted government scientists, David Keith admitted that they were spraying without having the context for what those sprays can do. They can do many things – nature seems to collect elements together in small packages rather than spreading them off distinctly around the world.
      The latest fears concern the melting of the polar ice-caps. I have always been wary of ice cap data – it seems to me that the times when the temperature is warm would melt the ice and that times of cold would build more icepack. Thus dating based on ice cores would necessarily miss gaps of years when the ice was net melted rather than laid down. The fact that the ice is melting rapidly now, can be seen through satellite photography; there are travel passages through the arctic circle. Of concern are the undersea methane hydrates – solids made of both water and methane that are frozen under the ice. There is enough methane gas here that a single burp of methane could change the composition of the atmosphere (that is a huge amount of methane, I would like to see more data).
      Methane is a carbon based gas on the opposite side of the chemical spectrum from carbon dioxide. Methane has four hydrogen atoms attached to the central carbon atom – it burns readily to produce carbon dioxide and water. The methane is in a 'reduced' state and susceptible to oxidation. The chemistry of the atmosphere is mostly inert, with 80% of the material being nitrogen, N2, which does not react with much under normal environmental conditions. Some plants do have the ability to fix nitrogen; legumes in the gardens, Cianothus in the burnt to a crisp forests, where the soils must fix nitrogen to become viable for plant growth to start again.
      That the geo-engineers profess to be helping things by lowering the albedo of the earth by placing reflective particles in the air, does not cut the mustard. The complex ecosystems that Gaia has developed, regulate the metabolism of a larger whole living system. That some processes dominate as other processes wane is natural – however the significant transformation of the surface of the earth over the past 200 years has had some interesting effects. The climate changes that we watch, include earthquakes and volcanoes and cosmic emissions (CME) originate at a scale well beyond that of human impact, at this time. That we have reached the tipping point that was professed by environmentalists like David Suzuki almost 30 years ago.
      Environmentalists and the green movement have not really been helpful to addressing true environmental problems. People see tree-huggers like AlGore running around the planet wasting huge amounts of resources, telling people that they have to change, while holding themselves to a different standard. They tend to build castles that allow themselves the privilege of standing over, rather than with – the entire Thrive movie was more of the same. The Gamble fortune behind the movie is another feature of the arcane method of wealth distribution that must be fixed before we get to the next revision of mankind.
      Truth be told, I am not worried about Gaia pulling through this mess that we have made with the easy availability of fossil fuel. I am somewhat worried that in the great extinction that is currently taking place, we humans might be driving our own species into extinction. The population levels on the surface of the earth have been dominated by human action – we raise dogs, horses and cats, while eating the habitat of wild non-domestic animals. Our land is integrated for cows and chickens – meats that meet our consumption, rather than the diversity that nature has accorded. At some point, we may harm the keystone species and lose continuity – the loss of bees and beavers in the world today are two worrisome trends.
      Before mankind took to terraforming, nature was able to build a system of meandering creeks and vast flood plains – large swatches of territory could be flooded for days at a time. This circulated the topsoil and encouraged the migration of plants that were swept up and relocated, as seed can be moved by a myriad of methods. The need for moving logs to build homes and towns channelized the rivers of America even before the cartographers drew the maps. The Mississippi River now is a straight chute from the Great Lakes to the Gulf of Mexico. Isn't it interesting that they are trying to build an oil pipeline that spans the same route. I guess that shipping isn't quite the same as it ever was.
      The distribution of elements took a great amount of time. The basic principle appears to be like attracts like – metals congregate in environments with like metals. When we found that aluminum could be mined from bauxite by using fluorine gas, then the by-product sodium fluoride had to be legitimated for use. The dental myth that fluoride is good for tooth enamel led communities to choose to poison their drinking water with this toxic waste. To this day, I will never purchase a fluoridated toothpaste. The chemistry of the halogens is quite elaborate, but fluorine is the best electron thief ever invented and does not play nicely with other elements.
      Chemistry used to be a revered topic – Better Living through Chemistry was the marketing slogan for DuPont for many years. Now the field has become mundane – the jigsaw puzzle of elements figured out to our satisfaction, that we can duplicate nature in a laboratory if we need to. That nature builds a plant that makes a substance that take years for organic chemists to make is interesting – remember that taxol was extracted from yew bark until the chemists saved the yew trees with synthetic products. Mastering stereo-chemistry was the innovation – left handed symmetry pervades.
      There is something deeper here that requires forethought. The means of chemistry have been followed to the point where the science has matured from discovery to application. That we can apply chemistry without understanding the form of consciousness produced by the new combination of elements is worrisome at best. There seems to be a difference between the application of chemistry to inert species and the application of chemistry to biological systems. That chemistry underpins biology is not a question – similarly physics underpins chemistry. If we now have a quantum physical world, doesn't that imply also a quantum chemistry world?
      To be there when you are here is a matter of separating mind from body. As we learn that the physical state is really made up of lots of space, with very small amounts of mass distributed in large formal blocks, perhaps we should apply ourselves deeper to the interactions of water with various elements. Water allows migration off species and concentration of those species when evaporated. Perhaps the water is the level of all sentience – in which case, the form of water as human was chosen to allow the expression of thought. This implies that thought might originate at a different scale entirely and that we are missing the boat when we sail in the isolation of our own minds. Gaia creates a harbor for humans to gather and share our thoughts – perhaps the time has come to rework the regulatory system and allow ourselves to work on a broader scale of allowable reality.
Namaste'       doc      052013

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