May 27, 2013

The Basis Set

I just finished about 40 pages in two essays on the basis of life at the level of anu – a hindu God and a physical shape and the manifestation of all things. The author is a friend that I haven't yet met, but we have been in net contact and our thought patterns are remarkably similar. That I have the same agenda going on within as several of my other friends, assimilated across the whirled, is a demonstration of the correctness of the theory we are developing to supersede the current understanding of the way it is.

My thoughts were that the base conscious level lies in water – but the anu works as the basis of everything on every different level. The form of expression develops differently as a function of size – the fractal nature of all things embeds continuity throughout the system while introducing chaos as a prelude to order. The dynamics of scale ought to be simpler as fewer anus are involved. Each anu is a compilation of smaller anus – in the end, there is only one anu – as massive as the all encompassing and as alone as self. That it can create itself, a new anu anew, across a band gap and reflect its own image in symmetry is the fundamental function of growth – a reversible process that seems to flow in only a single direction – time forward.

The body centered honeycomb lattice serves as the basis group of seven with octahedral symmetry. This is one of two sacred geometries found at the active sites of biochemical metal complexes. The tetrahedral geometry of the group 4 element carbon and silica lattices, with points extending in radiant lines throughout space is the other. The thought comes to mind that the mind is the thought. The quantum ability to think a thought rests on the configuration of the transmission of frequency – caused by the spacing of the elements. Each atom is its own being at the scale of one.

The symmetry is retained when the octahedral lattice of seven is extended to thirteen. This is how the form connects to the next form within a conductive capacity that features no resistance. My friend the audio engineer had it all calibrated to band width and can spin terms like a disk jockey spins vinyl. The arsenal that turns vibration into sound into music is just one reflection of this eternal form. The om sound of the universe has its parallel in the unit of resistance, the ohm. 'Oh my god' takes another resonance.

Think about the form of the size of the scale – how big is so big (or too big to fail?)? The changes in configuration are caused by a rearrangement of elements – essentially changing dance partners. The old game ends, the new game begins … ready or knot, here we go. Blink!

Hi there, has anything changed? It has, but to go on continuing to think in the old thought patterns requires us to accept truths that we now know cannot be true. That there are laws that cover the mechanisms of the universe is quite clear, but the laws of our science physics, which was set to determine these things, has sidestepped in the bringing of form to that illusion. That there is contention in the physics of reality at times seems like a pandering to egos – the physical acceptance of what is true depends on the perspective of the assumptions. What truths do we hold to be self-evident?

The origin of the cosmos is a function of the science or religious philosophy that we choose to believe. That Newton was able to tease one away from the other around 1700 was a remarkable achievement that led to a strategic shift in world view that could be 'led' by the theocrats of the day.

There never should have been a conflict between nature and nurture, but breaking things down to smaller and smaller was much easier than putting them back together in functional form. Our calculus and mathematical rigor was used to exclude real phenomena, because they didn't fit the mold of our expectation. The ability to refine refinements led to complications within the thermodynamics that ruined prior kinetics – we changed the forms to meet our function, without realizing the function played by that form on the bigger picture – the one ignored by the focus on reductionism. Like Alice's rabbit hole, once through, we could not go back again.

Science holds a burden of proof that requires adhesion to modern myth. Since like attracts like, all theories must be filtered through academic peer review, which holds the knowledge base stagnant for the benefit of a few. The addition of intellectual property rights to the equation means that the true forefronts of knowledge have been commoditized and by allowing university professors to share in corporate profits, we burnt the whole game of perspective from an outside point of view. Original thought cannot exist in a quantum telepathic world.

The real world has been very adequately described in the morphologic theories of Rupert Sheldrake. That the Higgs' boson completed a central model at the same time that the model was found to be flawed is just another irony of the way the illusion works. We can believe anything we wish to believe to be true, but once proven false, to continue with that belief is at ones own peril. As an example of this – Bugs Bunny is able to walk off the cliff and stand with Roadrunner, watching Wile E. Coyote descend due to the law of gravity. Ain't cartoon physics fun?

The belief system that each of us holds is dictated by the environment that we have been raised and the observations that we have made of the relative importance of our thoughts. We get what we think about, but never quite in the form that we expect. Our actions become harsher or softer based on the immediate response to our prior interactions. When memory serves us well, we can bring about emotions that create the energy necessary to overcome inertia and create change. But alas, we often fail to engage our brains at the proper time – we are too worried about what other people think than how they think.

At each level of the system of nature, the anu starts again at one. The fibonacci growth pattern intersects with other patterns to form a dimensional array that keeps the form together at the level of the observation. The big picture is necessarily vague because at human scale, the best we can do is the level allowed by the physics – which just spent the wad looking for their imaginary boson and breaking the hold of the assumption that all is known. Knowledge has to be free-flowing like electrons – the limit of growth is the form that the growth can take without morphing to a new resonance. That things resonate at different frequencies is a known fact – how those frequencies arise is speculation based on current models that are now sitting in the flux box, awaiting reinvention based on more stringent protocols.

The mystery of life is that we think at a scale where we can be masters of our own destiny. Most life is too busy accommodating to the surroundings to have such esoteric thoughts. At least, that is what we would like to think. It seems in real terms that everything has breath – as the Vedic in and out Perushka Mandala is a self-assembling structure similar to the anu – perhaps just a different form of the same thing manifest on another adjacent scale. My hourglass is spinning and my brain hertz – time to get Jojo back to where he once belonged.

Namaste'    doc

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