May 14, 2013

The Deep Recesses of Time

     Another day, another adventure. The energies are rockin and rollin – I briefly made contact with my galactic friends, but I am on a mission of change and need to be able to follow my own drummer as the ideas roll forth. I hope to remain in soulular contact and see that the change in me is the change I (and we) wish to see. Many things can tempt us from our paths – I prefer to know mine to be able to reestablish it, at any time in the process.
      I appear to have made a quantum jump from the 5D future to the 3D past by remaining in the immediate now – a 4D uni-dimensional world that is the instantaneous apex for change from old form to new. The game plays as above, so below; on time frames that differ according to the scale – as measured by a size determined parameter. For human scale, we look at the count of the number of people present at the moment in the location of interest. I am always present in my now.
      Think of an hour-glass. The system has just been turned on its head and everybody is in the high energy tightly wound captive state, layered many molecular distances away from the apex. The hole is wide enough for one individual to pass at a time, but convergence at the hole evolves into a spiral of opportunity to flow. This is an inverse function of the normal bell curve, where the inside is wider than the outside; here the many congregate and the few find connections. There above in the newly inverted plain – all the traits have been inverted and the muddle in the middle is over by a red sea parting effect.
      Just rotate the hour glass by a quarter of a turn and follow the flow of sands. The middle, where the apex is, is at the same point but the flow is now horizontal and not vertical – thus there is no flow, because gravity brings it all down. The playing field is rather even, with wide spots symmetrically displayed on both sides and the plateaus caused by layering are deepest in the center and widest at the surface. The actions of symmetry change the cosmos by a varying number of degrees and the setting equalizes according to the gravity field involved.
      I like the hourglass imagery, because people know what it is, but don't think about it much to understand how it seems. We use clocks instead of flowing sand, so everything runs in a circular motion. We wind ourselves dizzy and end up in the same location, somewhere further down the linear path of time – totally missing the now going on around us as we hustle and bustle to each new opportunity to turn a buck and keep the engine puttering for a bit longer. Is this any way to run a life?
      We can all be part of a whole and be an individual without the need for the commercial overlay. The interpretation of common reality is gone – what I see here and what you see here are two very different images that only have to be correlated with each other when we are in the same place at the same time. Even then, if we both witness something that is unbelievable, without a third party witness, we can agree to suppress what we saw, or embellish it, or make it into anything that we can agree upon. Do we really need the agreement for this to be the case?
      When I get lost in scale, I seem to change the form of my time. I can spend what seems like minutes on a task and look up three hours later to find that I haven't eaten or missed a meeting. The focus of the micro-task becomes all consuming and the minutes and seconds, our time measures, mean very little. Yet that length of focused thought is a function of the time-space – I seem to get the lost time back at times when I may not want it. If I sit and watch the clock, each second is very slow and when I meditate, I can almost stop the time from flowing. Yet – somewhere, there is balance.
      In a symmetric world, everything cancels out to zero. We have left-handed and right-handed symmetry functions that work exactly the same in different direction and don't balance each other – such that we can see some components and not others. All amino acids in life are left-handed spirals – I wonder if dark matter is all right-handed to balance our light matter?
      Today is mass massing on another Treei year – the start of the new and the  underwhelming of the already here, in this now. Events are rapidly changing and this journaling in many forms will bring this scribe to the apex of scripture – the idea that we can embellish a thought form and make it happen in no time at all. I look through history and wonder sometimes whether the dark ages were truly unenlightened or whether they just haven't occurred yet on the time-line of the real story. When this connected reality breaks – who knows what is in the Pandora's box of possibility – whatever we can imagine.
      The current goal is to accomplish the task of isolating metal from rock. The task was accomplished with very low technological ability by several past civilizations – the Spanish collected lots of gold from the Mayan and Aztec cultures, which didn't have roasting furnaces and smelters, to my knowledge. The Egyptians also had lots of sand and made gold and created pyramids, just how this came to be is still a mystery – though some modern thought expended sees the time period in a new light.
      Our souls seem to recur on several different planes simultaneously – our individual selves here on Gaia are not alone. We have life at many different scale on this planet and it is interconnected in an infrastructure called nature, that manifests itself in a myriad of truths and consequences. As we observe outside, we can see a reflection inside, that catalyzes an action and sets us off once again on a pathway of a new journey – the pace of life changes and our speed becomes dependent on different actions that affect us from the buffer of non-self. The image pushes and we react. The image pulls and we react. Whether pushing or pulling, the constant motion leaves us dizzy and breathless in the moment where we find ourselves – the only now that exists – the right now.
      The goal today is to continue the discovery process of getting the metal in the sands to speak my language – or getting me to envision the process of time from the perspective of the metal atoms in the sands. To build a game where I, the molecule, wish to gather other like molecules from the matrix – just like I, the person, likes to surround myself with friends that I share philosophy with. We group by our comfort levels and acceptable behavior is a learned experience. Perhaps the molecules learned something different at their scale and need to tell us how to apply this to our scale. The group theory of chemistry and sociology is quite similar – we can learn a lot by slowing down our frenetic pace and interpreting what we are being told by nature, rather than by the lame-stream media.
      On another note – seems that Gerry Pollack at UW has a new book coming out on the 4th phase of water – I would guess that his sense is entirely relevant to the Nature of Water discussion held here during April – the water class at Nweti will begin once critical mass is obtained. The current mass massing might focus on that or something else – the challenge of perspective becomes apparent when you are embedded in a task and need to see the picture at a different level – the fractals only have to hold the same form in adjacent arrays and form is a function, not a complete whole. The key is love, unconditional love, for the exploratory function of creating the new weigh of looking at things – evaluating what we know and what we don't know to see whether the form that appears is a serviceable form.
      Using the ore analogy – metal is dispersed in different concentrations amongst the great organs of ore, but the vein lines contain more of the high value items. If we collect these items without destruction of the original matrix, then a substitution is required for allowance of functionality to continue. As we go to smaller particle size, individuals can be attracted together based on physical properties and evaluated by measured values to determine quality and quantity. The question becomes … what is the goal of the endeavor? At his point, the goal seems to be to make money, but that is not where the value actually is. We need to change perspective of what the collective goals are – and what is obtainable from the merits of work options remaining in the only game that the current PTB has left – scortched earth.
      Ouch. Must be light and love, not gloom and doom. May the Monsanity end soon.

Namaste' doc 050813

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