June 09, 2013

How to End the Game

Instead of worrying about what we cannot do, we should be developing the skills for what we can do. Formal education is a game of learning how to blend in to the social structure – you build the myth to the depth of your playing field, then apply the rules of your trade to perform the work in an acceptable manner. The other members of society with your skills are competing against you for the same role, so you must learn to accommodate both friends and foes alike.

That our current education system has prepared us for unmitigated disaster is a fact of life today. Look around and see who is actually working in their specific field of training and you can see that the game does not resolve from the sum of its parts. We function by the peter principle – where people rise to the level of incompetence and have no adjustment available to take a step back or to stop and smell the roses.

The rules themselves are a major part of the problem. The game of social grace has a complete unwritten set of rules that make the interaction 'work' for all parties involved. This means a lot of condescending down to lower levers of intelligence to see who can win the race to be dumbed down. Just try to comprehend the soap operas on daytime television and you will know what I mean. That we have been divided into a group of dedicated workers and a group of useless feeders is a nomenclature system that would raise objections, if people caught on. As a worker with a saddle – the obligation for a wife and children – most American males have time to blow off attention on one thing – cars, sports, sex; anything to take the mind off the grind.

Our society works like a meat grinder and we are the meat. You have to keep up with the Jones's on the left and the Smith's on the right. We have to manicure our lawns to look like every other lawn, paint our house to blend in with the local color scheme and diligently follow all the petty ante local regulations, which are supposedly there for our own good. If you have a voice, there are only specific channels to speak, and you wouldn't wish to offend anyone by talking about politics or religion. There is always sports.

Some people are entirely focused on the money aspect of life. To them, everything is an exchange of value and they have to make something more than they give up in every exchange. The banksters create this money on demand with interest and we play this unnecessary game of chasing dollars to the exclusion of all else. If you don't follow this game full-heartedly, you get taken advantage of by people more focused than you. The idea that banks charge cascading fees on overdrawn accounts defeats anyone who has made a minor miscalculation … and encourages those less fortunate to cheat on the game. Fairness, after all, is in the eyes of the beholder and the system is fair only to the extent that all people are treated with the least common denominator.

Let's pitch this system while we can. The extent of current practice is that anything that has to travel a long distance has to pay the freight. The additional costs of the middlemen – the people who grease the pathway to get things from there to here – adds value to the cost of the product. It is amazing that we can import foods off season to satisfy our palates – I remember when growing up we only had oranges and bananas in season. The world has changed and will continue to change – it is the one thing we can always count on – constant change.

How do we make the change? In many different unique styles and flairs. If you perceive something as unfair, raise you voice. The current game of whack-a-mole is conditioned on the fear of getting slapped down hard – the most vocal are the immediate victims, because they call attention to the game and get whacked. Everyone else lives in fear of a whacking, but the logistics are such that only a few whacks are effective and when the game is called, the dive for cover begins.

The problem really is an inappropriateness of scale. The idea that a country of 300 million like minded people exist under the same rule of law is incredible. Instead of local people having any form of self-determination, the all-encompassing system tells us what we have to do, en masse. The conditioning to blindly follow inane rules has been forced upon us in the way we think – a 45 minute maximum attention span and a need to repeat simple common liturgies. If you can see the images of the big picture and get told that this applies to the little picture, then you can become conditioned by the fear of what may happen if you step out of line. When you see those who have stepped out punished rather than rewarded, then you decide that perhaps the rewards are the greater good.

One of the worst events of recent history is the game of snitch. The rewards for watching and turning in your neighbor have grown such that the police state can be used to profit from personal vendetta. The police are armed like an invasion force and our civil defense is paraded off around the world – we have bases in over 100 countries. The idea that a good offense is the best defense is uncannily wrong – yet our local national guard is just as likely to serve in Afghanistan as in Springfield. We watch as it crumbles, at a rate of not fast enough.

I attempt to view the world from a positive position, different from the jargon of modern day thought. I write an essay most mornings, looking to explain some facet of the world as it could be, rather than complain about the way it is. Sometime I fail, hence this load of pointing out the system failure in hope of instigating change, but I realize that the change I wish to see begins with me. I have watched the mirage of Ghandi – when he talked peace, he stood behind his talk with action. Now – the only thing behind most of the talk are the guns.

When I look at the resource base, I can see that right now, the distribution of resources is skewed in favor of those willing to cheat at the game. The penalty for breaking the rules is less of a percentage of the take as the game is played at a higher level. The idea that a few elected people have say over what happens is an illusion – we have no real choice in the Chinese menu style political system of one from column demo and one from column repub. It now appears as a choice between a conservative socialist and a social conservative. The resources to make a run at the game are beyond most persons, but not beyond all persons. That the real owners of the system don't have to vote to buy their way through.

There was a time when we had Lenny Bruce, or George Carlin or many other people that made fun of the state. That they were serious about what they said made their images fit; we laughed because the other alternative was to cry. Today, what is meant to be funny is not funny and the seriousness of the punishments – between the corrupt IRS and the corrupt Homeland Security – is enough to force most people to play within the rules. The status of each person is like a permanent record that follows you everywhere – the eye in the sky symbolizes the watcher state. It is too bad that they no longer assign Kafka in schools.

All said, though, this current system is over and done. Totally cooked. The melt-down in progress is taking place because the emperor has no clothes. The house of cards lacks a foundation and the corruption of the monetary system is combustible – it will not take long before the bank implosion, even if they seem too big too fail.

Today is the day when the portal opens and the aliens meet the humans. In reality, we all are aliens. Our human shells that contain us are a home-built illusion on this particular scale. That we are all one entity, the whole of Gaia, is a notion that does not play well based on our current understanding. However, when we look at a hive of bees or a school of fish, we have no problem seeing the pattern. The changes are happening because the earth is shifting frequency – the patterns displayed are filtered through our belief systems and so change is feared rather than relished. 
That game ends when we support each other, to make do as best without the rules and regulations of governments of men. All it takes is one event to shatter the illusion – let's keep working to make that event come before the metabolic patterns squeeze out too many life forms from the current earthly sphere. We still need to have something to bind us, but that choice can be made amongst the people that we deal with, not several degrees of freedom away.
We are each individual, a unique being formed by the nature of human form and the nurture of our knowledge base. We place things into forms that create patterns that we can grok – but we need to walk the walk when we grok the talk. This can be difficult, but the impending doom of collapse is the real illusion – we can pick up the pieces and do better without the current order, via a strong maelstrom of chaos that ushers in a better apparent order. The less we take there form here, the better off we will be.

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