June 03, 2013

Time and Space Revisited

Where was I? Where am I? Now, I am here. Here, I am, now. Where is here and when is now? Time and space are readily compartmentalized for the functions that we assign to them, so much so that we rarely question their being. I got deep and connected to the void – it must have been necessary for my higher self and my sleeping being to have the time latitude to accomplish their tasks – my essence blinked off mid-day friedday and is slowly coming to in this moment.

Enjoy a lemme poem on time and space …

Time and Space, Space and Time
Our ability to stall time
while completing work
requires focused diligence.
Reality is conjured consistency
wrought from social context
agreed upon as common ground.
Compelled aggression
patently not acceptable
coerced on a populace
running out of time and space.

Truth redacted, cause
it doesn’t fit the scheme
watch and learn;
all the time in the world
exists beyond current culture.
Diversities arise from
monoculture slimming down
options of descent,
which only lead to new options
less thought through,
more bold and daring.

Until we release the leash
of hafta do and gotta dos
and required paper trails
containing plausible deniability,
we are handcuffed to the system
inside the current box of
space and time, time and space

lemme howdt ... 2013 … rev 2

Nice diversion, to be able to grasp some old words in new form, to make the point of the consistency of change. When we need a different perspective, we can step back to a different scale and lose the time on one scale in order to gain that same time period on another scale. Since the two scale are symmetric, the framework holds a consistency that would be 'true' in the forms of science that we have been led to believe. That mathematics is an exact form of measurement is stated in the assumption of the form of math – we defined the counting system to be the way it is in base ten when we centered on the conceptualization of the zero.

Zero and Void are two very different concepts. We should add infinity to this mix to get a total picture of the vastness of all space and time, from our size perspective. The problem is that this is only a viewpoint from this particular point of view, based on a lattice of fine energies constructed in such a way to make everything fit within that lattice. Unless we gain perspective enough to see that there are other ways toward looking at the same object, we tend to believe that our sight provides the same insight as anyone else.. This is true when everybody believes the same thing, but do we really all share common belief?

We seem to impose on young people today, the common myths of our collective former beliefs. The system of one size fits all education for the purposes of the ruling class enforces a mandatory sentence on any child that doesn't appear in proper learning context at the incarceration centers, which are built in the same format as our penal centers. Get on the schedule and under the gun and hop to it – social studies at nine, math at ten, english at eleven, lunch at twelve, science at one, history at two – no time for focused attention on any topic. What is a social study, anyway?

In the context of a research directed learning environment, a social study would watch what people do when given a new circumstance to deal with. Since the old ways that things used to work are breaking down and not functioning, we require new weighs of seeing how things come together. When the current society does not allow you to discriminate, then how can you use judgment to make better choices? If ignorance of the law is no excuse, then we all need to be lawyers – yet, they keep making regulations non-stop without removing any of the prior law. They tell you how to think and then punish you when you don't think the same whey they think. (Think of the whey that goes with the curds in the making of cheese – very murky consistency, yet also yummy).

There is more work required to conform to the current system than benefit from the current system for most people. The rewards of the system have been hi-jacked by the 'too big too fail, more bigger better best' crowds that function on an 'I win, you lose' basis. If you don't play the game on their terms, you are already a loser. Most of the time, I am shifted out of that space.

Yet, sometimes, we still have to earn money in cash dollars in order to pay for fuel and purchase groceries and take in the regular entertainment event. The van needs work and the wrench turner will not listen to my pontifications in lieu of payment. So, I am working through Nweti.com to offer a class in soil chemistry, for continuing education credit for 'landscape architects'. The hilarity of the words begets the function of the course. People will only take courses for education credit that can be applied to the hoops you have to jump through to retain a certification in your chosen field. In other words – they have to check on you to see that you still buy into the party line from an accredited institution of higher learning. Of course, we 'gardeners' can use the information to make more nutritious crops to serve on our dining tables.

It used to be a monopoly of the community colleges to offer these courses, but the employers got tired of paying for crap – the game was not to learn anything, but to pay cash for a course that gives you a piece of paper that says you spent the time in the course. No actual learning required – although they will be sure to make certain that you know where to get your Monsane chemicals, so that you too can be round-up ready.

Have you every thought that mebbe that chemtrails are to people as pesticides are to insects? The invented reality of bee colony collapse disorder really is an excuse to mask the fact that Bt – a bacteria – was engineered into plants as an internal insecticide and mucks with nature's pollination patterns. If the new queen is a no go, the the hive has no direction and flies off to find another place to call home. We can slip our mind into the hive of a bee and envision what we would need to go through – all women workers that continually work for the queen mother and keep a few pet males around for the necessary breeding functions. Makes a horrific science fiction story.

Learning is a matter of telling and listening to stories within the context of other stories that we know and understand. The narrative is written by the victors who gained the spoils, and they are the last ones to see the changes coming at the periphery of what we know and have. The edges of time and space are fraying, because the consistency of thought beyond the now has broken down to where there is no there there. 
The idea of saving for a rainy day only functions as long as you can spend your saved capital when the rainy day arrives. The system of 'banksters printing money to loan at interest to governments representing people' holds true only if we believe in the current system of bondage and the need to spend our hours working to pay for the ability to live. Before Henry Ford – there was no concept of a time clock – you got paid for getting the work done, not for encumbering your time. That we have to pay for space and earn money as slaves to a system that was corrupt from the word go, is an imposition on everyone that never made a choice to partake of 'democratic' governance. Sorry – I can't buy in – thi hand folds and its time to shuffle up and deal a new game, based on some sort of equity and fairness, not equity of those who focus on collecting the cash, while others do the actual work.

The current system is over – we have no other viable system ready at this time. It seems that we may have all the space in the world, but until the old game ends and the new game begins, we live in stasis; holding on, as the bottom rungs of the ladder fall away and leave no structural support foundation to the current way it is. Don't bother to fight, there is nothing there but air. Just watch and learn. Come spend a bit of money to learn about soils and get a jump on growing your own food for the next dose of reality.

Namaste'      doc      051813

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