July 17, 2013

Just passing thru

  Felt that it was time to leave a note - all is well and the fibonacci clock countdown is moving along to the point where all is a miasma if swirling light - time stalls and then speeds up in rapid fury.  According to my count - today has the value of eight and we will have chaos moving in five of the next eight days - then we get to the two ones.  Both have to happen - but simultaneous or sequential is the question.

   So for the next few days - the game will take a siesta and i will attempt to spin the form.  There is only a short window, then everything will seem to be different from the unregulated sameness that has been repeating itself in forced fractals.  Today is a mass minding day - the is seems to be coming together.  I write and i read and i enjoy peace.   Namaste'   doc

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