July 18, 2013

Returning to the Illusion

We learn to watch without looking
and can see only the picture frame
containing what it is we wish to view
that we want desperately to believe ...

Nature surrounds us with cool mountain air
bird song interrupting flowing river sound
audio takes over when video is maximized
this scale of beauty, abundant in love ...

What do we dream, when we dare to dream
are we flying or falling in sub-conscious haze
recognition of vast metabolism interfluxxed
common acquaintance of how is is to be ...

The fire cackles as a log erupts in a burst of flame
sparks flying initiate a heat that warms the soul
coffee perks away as we spatially adjust
raising our vibrational frequency to a resonant tone ...

Close the curtain, rotate the frame
return to the scale of harmonic dysfunction
prepare to negotiate waves of cognitive dissonance
as weekend camping arrives upon Monday morning.

2013   lemme howdt

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