August 05, 2013

Breathe Clean Air

   Things are never what they seem - watching from the howdtside looking in gives one a completely different perspective than 'Being There'.  One can imagine how Peter Sellars must have felt as the entertainment industry left vaudeville for hollywood and the perspective of changing the message became common.  Now - our belief system relies on self-image and a raging tiger gathers no moss.

   We live in a whirled of fear and anger - the reality is that we have justification for reaction to the bait and switch education that our mid-fifties generation has.  We have watched the sugar coating placed on historical event that we have watched and now that the spin changes for a third time, we feel left howdt of the game.  The action/reward mechanism is hopeless and the leadership line to wrestle control from the octogenarians spans multiple decades.

   Einstein once said that you cannot solve a problem from within the framework that the problem was committed.  Our problems are readily apparent, yet the classic divide and conquer strategies force people to look at the world in blue and red terms that ill define where there mentality is really at.  When we ask ourselves what really matters, we get a different perspective from each person we talk to.  

   Let's look at our information sources - the lame stream media is a boast of the empire at large - the party line is adhered to by those in the know - and those of us in the no! are spied upon and thwarted in our endeavors.  If we complain too loudly - the game of whack a mole progresses - this is too cute to be whacking!

  America today is full of the self-obsessed - lemmings that follow the lead of whatever nonsense is spouted howdt, withhowdt regard to the flow of truth.  Shine the light of imagination upon the system of knowledge and it recoils in despair.  The party line must be pronounced in every aspect of every person's life - to the point where our prisons resemble our schools and we increasingly are subordinate to a fascist government run by corporate people with a Supreme Get Out of Jail Free pass. 

   When we follow the corporate agenda - we find them spraying toxins like barium, aluminum and strontium into our atmosphere.  None of these metals has a positive biological context.  Water is the key to life, yet municipal water systems are the largest polluters of our rivers and streams.  The EPA recently finished a study of the problems associated with the Formosa Mine on Middle Creek - which feeds into Cow Creek near Riddle - our home drinking water supply.   Yet people games prevent doc from watching the site in behalf of the people - instead, this hermit writes.  Almost there, i think.

   Knowledge is revealed as a function of time spent studying a topic.  After watching human behavior and chronicling the functions of us smart monkeys - doc and lemme have decided to take the act and transform the package.  If you are interested in a piece of the action - drop a note and I will discuss the opportunities that might be involved.  The cues have been written about here for years - the next step is a short quantum jump into the divide - which should land us in an obverse multivese, the converse of the pre-conscrieved symmetry of squaring the circle.

   More later, namaste'  Doc   Note added:  not the only essay thinking this way today.

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