August 11, 2013

Confuscism Reigns

When doc is in the 3rd dimension whirled for too long, he feels a long standing obligation to make things change that are well beyond his personal control. From a 5th dimension love perspective, we grok the idea that we cannot give further time to projects that have no future beyond the physical reality of now – much effort can be lost in the ascension process.

What people believe is mostly what people have been taught – the basis set for reality really sets up conflict, that later must be resolved as nuance wreaks havoc with established, enforced thought. Some people grow by transformation; leaving behind old ideas that were incubated over past centuries as a caterpillar turns into a butterfly. The chemical compounds change form within the chrysalis and a new being emerges in changed form from the being that was once there – is the mind of that being functional during the change? The internal water is most certainly active.

A mnemonic is a device for symbolism display. Take one concept and link it with another different concept in such a way to form a humorous association – such that the former brings up the latter. For instance – let's say we need to remember a short grocery list to go to the market. Create a pinata with each grocery item that you need and pretend to bash it – visualize the broken eggs, the scattered produce – mushrooms, onions, garlic – then the busted containers with milk and beer – quite the mess. Now walk to the store and I bet you remember every item on your list.

We tend to convince ourselves of the negative before we accept a change for the positive. We deny ourselves 'undeserved' rewards, but then simmer in anger when our best work goes unnoticed. The acceptance of service as a blessing only works when all are of service by love or will – not by force or expectation. Quinn in The Story of B develops this theme of givers and takers. We each can only do our part – we cannot play each others roles.

As I look at the contrast of approach to life of the people that I love and honor, I find that nobody ever gets the exact same picture of an event as I have, no matter how well they observe and interpret. We grow from our interactions with other persons and sometimes make changes in our attitudes on the fly, based on the gut recognition of the correctness of a statement or action.

Individuals are all very important, self-directed point lattices in the structure of the fray. Each of us can think based on the knowledge that we have learned. Yet, how many of us take the time to think through these personal changes in other areas of our thought. When I changed my perspective of water, then the change in all liquid phases required the consideration of application to other areas of thought. I now comprehend the dynamics of how water works to generate energy a little better than I used to – I no longer believe my technical chemistry raining that limits each water molecule to only three modes of vibration.

So how does this affect my life? In more ways than one would ever think. I began to track input and output liquid volumes on a daily basis, to see how it regulates weight change. On days where I did not rehydrate frequently, my lower volume of urine was deep yellow or orange in color. My body seems to maintain a constant weight (+/- 5 lbs), with normal exercise and food consumption. It is by regulating the level of hydration and drinking plain water rather than carbonated beverages that allowed me to drop 30 pounds this winter and keep them off!

This may have a lot to do with Pollack's 'The Fourth Phase of Water', as I am integrating the new information with personal observation in natural watersheds to provide a more revealing form. Scientists have taken complexity as a badge of honor and defined specific terminology to exclude people from the club of knowledge. As concepts change names from one field to another, we have constructed a tower of babel that keeps specialized people from interacting with each other to put things together over a bigger picture. This has allowed control over the knowledge base by the myth of progress – a fiction well documented by John Michael Greer at the Archdruid blog.

So as modern civilization appears to collapse into moral and ethical poverty caused by an economic system based primarily on greed, those of us who think for ourselves will be developing new and novel systematic approaches to life, the universe and everything. Personally, the idea of what constitutes work has to change, because when effort produces work that is of no value, the effort is lost. Most of this current empire is lost in the filth of more/bigger/better/best and the anger or despair that comes with it. Come join me now in opening a new pathway, a road less taken based on love and personal integrity.

Namaste' doc 080813

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